My story dealing with the mites

It started seven months ago. I accidentally discovered that I have mites living in my ears.

I searched the web and did what I found. I followed instructions. Nothing worked... At that point I had no idea that they live all over me... Until I did.

My insomnia suddenly started to make sense... the crawling sensation on my body, on my head, on my face... it was real, and I was in trouble.

It took me a few more months before I discovered that there are billions of people like me... and many of them have made their struggle public...

There are a lot of sites offering help, but no solution.

I have tested all of them, except the bombing of the house, and the heating of the whole house: not in my budget, sadly.

Nothing worked. But I tried this and I tried that... and was observing the little suckers... remember, I am an empath... I see things others don't.

I found out what they need from you and me... it's not food.

I found out that they are fast, adaptable, very very very intelligent, learn fast, and are almost indestructible.

I had them, several times, between my fingers, and could not destroy them.

It became a project, in which I have enrolled others to test with me... not fun, but finally, it seems, that we have a system that seems to be working.

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