On other “get rid of mites” sites:

there are thousands of mite species, and I know four that live on humans.

  1. Scabies
  2. ear mites/dust mites... interchangeable and I'll treat them as the same
  3. demodex mites
  4. spider mites... or more precisely, the nymph of the spider mites

They all need different treatments, but those other sites don't differentiate... they say "a mite is a mite" and therefore, when you read the site, you leave with more confusion than clarity. At least I did.

People try treatments for other mites, and don't understand that it won't work, because each mite is different.

People mix 7-8 different things, and have no idea what worked and what didn't... if something seems to be working. I can sympathize: they want to get rid of the critters as fast as possible. Most don't.

More and more confusion results.

I was fighting the ear mites in earnest, and was succeeding when I discovered a second type of infestation... It seems that they, the different mites, know about each other, and once one population is decimated, the other becomes more careless and celebrate their takeover... I know, I know, I give these mites personalities, but it seems that they have personalities, really.

What made the second type of mite infestation all the more scary, that it concentrates in the nether regions, although the bites are not limited to that area. They are most active between 2 and 4 in the morning. (Update: it seems that there is a 14 hour and a 10-hour cycle: I think that eggs laid at the same time will hatch at the same time, regardless of the time of day.)

They seem to breed in the anus and the vagina... When they come out, or it feels they "spill" out, they are hungry and they bite everything that is around. Itching so strong, it will wake you up from the deepest sleep. I am so bothered, I can't express it...

It is NOT a sexually transmitted disease, although probably it could be... but I am not active sexually, and the infestation ramped up so slowly, that I didn't notice that it's another type of mite, until it became near unbearable, until I had to realize: the treatment for one mite doesn't work on the other.

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