Mites: Humans have it easier than insects or pets

As I am writing these article, looking for pictures, I find that entire species can be wiped out by mite infestations. This may be the future of humanity too.

Examples: honey bees are decimated by varroa mites. They suck their blood, they make them sick...

I am going to read about biologists' methods and notes, maybe I can learn some questions that I could not have thought: I'd like the fight to be easier, and less messy, if it's possible.

Not like it sounds very likely: the shortest treatment for bees against those mites is three weeks... I tend to see the point: you need to expose the mites long enough.

You want to test how to get rid of mites? This is not the place!

Yesterday a student who purchased this program sent me an email saying:

One question that I never asked you was what kind of mite infestation do I have on me and in my house when you muscle tested to see if I had a mite infestation. Can you please let me know?

After I found out that I did have mites, I was so grossed out that I went on the internet and started doing my own research also. From everything that I read it seems that Food Grade Diatomacous Earth, Coconut Oil and Tree Tee Oil were giving people good results. I mixed coconut oil and tree tee oil and rubbed it over this on my left wrist where the it's been itching a lot but the mites / itching didn't stop. I only got some brief relief. I rubbed DE all over my body and hair and then rubbed coconut oil before heading to bed. That seemed to stop the itching but then it was back again the next day. I also rubbed DE all over my dog too.
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Jumping into conclusion about what worked

One of the common characteristics of people, when they want something, when they desire, is to consider everything relevant, emphasize one thing and ignore another.

Something like this is happening with regards to the spider mites: the second night was horror, and I THOUGHT I had done the same thing... but obviously I had fallen into that trap I talk about above.

Now I need to test: don't you hate testing when all you want is results? But if I accidentally succeed, then I either mislead you, or I will make you do the whole 6-7 things I actually did... without knowing what works and what doesn't. And some of the stuff, who knows which, is causing me stomach ache and nausea... Maybe it is the stuff that worked, maybe it is the stuff that didn't produce the dramatic result.

I HATE IT! lol.

So, you and I will have to wait, until I get results that I get through doing ONE THING.

I will share the THINGS I did in the members area: even failures can teach you a thing or two.

Chigoe Flea

I know a guy who used to get these bites that wouldn't heal. A bite with a tiny black speck giving away the fact that something was living inside... He got these on his neck, on his chin, and they would itch tremendously. Where else he had them, he didn't say.

He asked me to treat them with MMS, that claims to eradicate all pests... bah humbug. The MMS burned a hole in his face, his neck.

He used to take long baths in his friend's seawater pool, and that would help with the itching, but didn't do much for the whole issue: bites and new bites with little black speck in the middle.

He hasn't complained for some time now, so I thought to ask him what happened.

Lo and behold, he called me today. His bites are gone. He has access to laser, the type is used for injuries and such. He lasered them, and it seems that the laser has effectively killed them.

So what was biting him?

From the symptoms I guess it was chigoa mite or maybe the kind of flea that burrows into the skin, leaving her anus outside so she can defecate and lay eggs through it. Muscle test say it was this latter. It's a tropical flea,[1] in underdeveloped tropical countries.

If he managed to catch them with the laser before they produced eggs, he could get rid of the infestation.

Aren't you glad that chigoe flea is not what you have? Compared to that having mites seems easy... but it not that easy, as you can see from the rest of this blog.

It's taken me painstakingly test one method after the other, and I haven't gotten to the end of it yet.


  1. Tungiasis is an infestation of the skin by a burrowing flea called Tunga penetrans (also known as Sarcopsylla penetrans or Pulex penetrans, or more commonly as the chigoe flea, bicho de pie (bug of the foot), jigger, nigua, pico, pigue, and sand flea. Chigoe flea is sometimes confused with chigger or harvest mite.

Microscopic Mites breeding inside you

I felt that something is living in my intestinal track, maybe even my gall bladder...

I muscle tested what it was, and it wasn't fluke, amoeba, or a worm... but yet, the muscle test said: something is living in my intestinal track, and diatomaceous earth muscle tested yes.

Then I muscle tested... more like guessed like in the guessing game: 20 questions... After all muscle testing is a yes/no "game." I found that "spider mite" and the nymph of a spider mite consistently came up a yes. Information on the internet doesn't agree with that, but hey, maybe the information is wrong, maybe I am wrong... we'll find out, won't we?

So for about 10 days I took diatomaceous earth in water twice a day, and that's probably what kept the spider mites in check... because once I stopped... because I didn't quite know what was inside me, the biting in the vaginal/anal area began in earnest.

So, I am starting to take diatomaceous earth again for inner management, boric acid for topical management, and hopefully something that kills the fully developed spider mites... so far nothing is killing them.

When I check along the intestines, it seems to me, that the mites actually climb into your mouth (akh! gross!) and you swallow the eggs. The eggs will hatch somewhere after it leaves the stomach. I have found uninvited guests in my gall bladder, in my liver, so some hatch really early on.

Most of them are in the colon and the anus, though, ready to come out and repeat the cycle.

Some symptoms I found: 1. it seems that I am losing blood through the nymph bites inside... 2. the amount of smell-less gas, not related to food, has increased 10-20-fold. It seems that the critters create their own air bubble to survive in, and it travels with them...


Muscle testing shows that this "thing" is attracted to Candida, or Candida infested hosts.

Candida lives on every human, but some humans, because of lifestyle errors and maybe because of a weak immune system, have Candida push out other bacteria and fungi and proliferate.

Candida has a toxic excretion which is nerve toxin.

It literally takes over your chemistry and demands to be fed. Sweetish stuff. When I observe myself, its favorites are milk products and bread.

According to Candida, I could live on bread, butter, and milk in my tea or coffee. Maybe some jam...

So, these mites coexist very well with Candida, if I am not mistaken, they enjoy the same ph... which is alkaline... Will have to double check that.

Candida overgrowth

This topic doesn't seem to belong to a fighting mites site, but it does.

Candida yeast lowers our immune system, alters our nervous system, our perception, our intellect.

Muscle test says that if you have candida overgrowth then your chances to have mites in and on your body are around 100%. Why? I am not sure, yet, but my hunch is it's a chemistry thing: the Candida makes your ph perfect for mites.

I began to have candida overgrowth when I was 9 years old... probably from sleeping in an unheated bedroom and getting sore throat continuously... treated with antibiotics.

By the time I got around 20, no antibiotic worked on me at all...

I have systemic yeast infection, which means the Candida is everywhere. I have tried everything, but nothing worked as a cure.

I am going to try to take Boric Acid orally... I am a little scared, after all Boric Acid is sold as Roach killer... lol. But if it kills the yeast before it kills me, then I am game.

I muscle tested my life expectancy, and it's six years... unless I get rid of the mites and the yeast as well.

In every single case that I have tested, yeast and mites were the most important factors in the person getting ill.

Update on the mites project

The mites project is whipping my ass...

I thought I would report to you on how the mites project is going.

If tonight is an indication of how I am doing: I haven't gained any ground... I am itching, uninvited guests are swarming on me, and I feel absolutely powerless over it.

All hope is not lost yet... something I ordered is being sent, slowly, from Southern Florida... and I am just one hour south of the Canadian border... grrr.

Of course, I have hopes... And we shall see... I am not giving up, the alternative is killing myself. Imagining my life remaining like this makes it clear: I have to win at this.

also... Writing the report on fighting the mite epidemic has been murder...

As you may remember, I am dyslexic. So is my little brother.

In dyslexia the brain doesn't quite get built according to the blueprint: some brain cells go where they weren't planned to be, and some areas don't have enough brain cells.

One of the functions of the brain that I didn't get enough brain cells for is organization. I have a hard time putting things together in an orderly fashion, organizing my stuff at home, or in an office, even organizing a website, a lecture, a webinar.

It got even worse after may brain damage, but I can't really blame it on that: I am just not equipped to organize anything well.

Now, that I am attempting to write this report on fighting the mite epidemic, I am really discouraged.

It is all about organization. I feel screwed.

No amount of inspiration, no amount of divine guidance will help me through it... it is all presenting complete information in an organized fashion.

I am thinking of writing it as articles... and that may work, but the thought that it is "in order to" write complete information freaks me out.

I even hate reading well organized books: they are dry and boring. My style is meandering... lol.

And when I look that the result of months of research, about a thousand dollars in expenses is going to be a short, maybe seven page report... I cringe...

Anyway, I just want you to know that I am still testing, and writing, about half a page at a time, and there will be a report.

The latest piece of the puzzle turned out to not fit the puzzle.

Another piece is coming hopefully on Monday, and I hope I didn't make a mistake in that.

I think I'll set up a membership site and will give access to you when you pay for the report. The people that have pre-purchased access will get immediate access, even if the information is not complete.

Given that 35% of my readers have mites, you have a one in three chance that you do have them. If you have weight issues, like sweets, bread, juices, milk, cookies, your chances are about 100%.

I know there are a lot of sites that deal with the issue. I also know that after reading those sites, thoroughly, it still took me and my friend several weeks experimentation and a thousand dollars of products spent on stuff that didn't do anything permanent.

So, you have a choice: follow the experimentation route, or get the precise tested specific information, and the subsequent updates. It is totally up to you.

But if somebody had told me: give me $27 and spend $40 of products and you'll be done, I would have gone for that.

Demodex mites


Rosacea is not an infectious disease, and there is no evidence that it can be spread by direct contact with the skin of an affected patient or through inhaling airborne bacteria. However, there has long been a theory that parasites within the sebaceous follicles of the face can stimulate inflammation.

One such organism is the Demodex folliculorum mite, which studies have shown to be more prevalent and active in rosacea patients than in control groups. The mite is 0.3-mm long and is a part of the normal flora of most adults, but becomes a pathogen after it multiplies and invades the dermis, creating an inflammatory response. Aside from rosacea, it has been implicated in folliculitis,[1]) dyschromias,[2] pityriasis folliculorum,[3] and inflammatory blepharitis[4].



Eyelash mites, SEMAlthough there is not a standard rest or study for Demodex folliculorum or its smaller partner D. brevis,[5] a controlled study revealed 10% of all skin biopsies and 12% of all hair follicles contained Demodex mites. This study also suggested that the prevalence of both species increased with age, but D. brevis had a lower prevalence.


  1. Infection of one or more of the pockets from which hair grows (follicles
  2. Dyschromia refers to an alteration of the color of the skin or nails. "Hyperchromia" can refer to hyperpigmentation, and "hypochromia" can refer to hypopigmentation. "Dyschromatoses" involve both hyperpigmented and hypopigmented macules.
  3. rough, dry and scaly skin
  4. Blepharitis
    Blepharitis is swelling or inflammation of the eyelids, usually where the eyelash hair follicles are located.
  5. Demodex brevis is one of the two species of face mite that afflict humans. They are very similar to Demodex folliculorum, with just a few differences. They are usually found in the sebaceous glands of the human body.

Why do you feel lethargic…


After publishing the previous article on feeling lethargic, I had an insight:

Given that 30% of humanity is plagued with mite infestation, microscopic biting mites, you are always bothered.

You can't sleep through the night, because almost every night there is a 2-hour period when eggs hatch into worms... worms that cause itching, or when hungry mites hatch, and they bite and crawl their way to your head and ears to start their adult lives, to mate, to lay eggs, that will start the cycle in about 22-26 hours.

I know you don't want to hear it, but eventually you'll have to hear it.

The good news is, that Matsa, my longest student, also an empath, a good friend and I are working on a solution, and test methods.

The bad news is that none of the solutions I have read on the internet is any effective, so some new solution needs to be found.

I can't promise success, but I promise to do everything that is in my power to find a good, easy, and lasting solution that fits everyone's budget.

From time to time I'll give you a status report on our progress, and once a method that is effective, both on your body and in your house, found, I'll give you access to videos, audios, pdf, supplies, so you can start your own journey out of lethargy, out of being tortured by an invisible invading force, the microscopic biting mites.

Your lack of awareness, the way we eat renders us food for these insects.

The plastic, the hormones in our foods, our weakened immune system all make these mites have the advantage.

And they are on you, and in your house, on your pets, regardless of your cleanliness, of your social status, of your education, of your vibration... they are the great equalizer...

Poor sleep, scratching, bites on your body, and lethargy... can't concentrate, can't read, can't even watch a movie in peace...

No, it's not you, or your attention span, your anything. It's mites.

Send me a donation to check if you have mites... and don't hate me if you find that you do. The solutions is coming... I've been working on this for the past three months... something has got to give... lol

And, last but not least: you need to find out if you have energetic, psychic attachments that drain you of your aliveness. If you do, then that's another reason why you are so lethargic.

You may have all the reasons, and you may have something unrelated...