Addition to spider mite treatment

I am testing hot-hot-hot pepper to use in addition to ginger tea.

Some people do better with that... and variety is important.

Also, I don't remember if I have written it anywhere, but occasionally spider mites lay eggs in your vagina... why? I guess when they are threatened, they try everything.

So, frequent irrigation may be a good idea, if you are a woman. With soapy water to make the things there slippery

5 thoughts on “Addition to spider mite treatment”

  1. Do you mean irrigation with soapy water or boric acid?

    If we apply vaginal capsules with boric acid, is the irrigation also recommended because of spider mites eggs?

  2. I started taking hot cayenne and habanero tincture I made at home. The habanero tincture is smoking hot probably around 200,000 to 300,000 scoville units. I had a intuition about hot pepper and these mites so I hope it is right or at least helps. I am going to get ginger tea soon.

    1. get fresh ginger… it tastes better and it is more potent. the tea, whether they say it or not, contains sulfates, that will harm your liver, especially given your history.

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