Bad News

I feel the way the Federal Drug Administration should feel a lot of the time: my remedy, it seems, is backfiring.

I am talking about the spider mite remedy. I have observed the spider mites doubling, tripling their multiplication effort, but like the arrogant human I am, I didn't slow down, instead I have been pushing harder.

I would have continued to do so and die in the process (dramatic, hell yeah!) but my order of Neem oil has arrived, and I found that muscle test says: it will work on spider mites... meaning the adults. And it may disrupt their reproduction cycle.

But... how do you use it. So I started to read, and reading I've been doing, I started at 8 am, and it's 1 pm... and I am starting the see the errors of my ways.

Others, plant growers (mainly marijuana plant growers, by the way) had the same experience. And because marijuana growers are meticulous about their plants, and have big online forum sites, and are intelligent and willing to share their extended efforts and their results, I have learned a lot.

So, I am officially discontinuing the Benzyl Benzoate in the remedy, because it seems to have caused the frenzy to reproduce. Instead, I am going to start working on some solution with Neem. What will it be like? I don't know yet. Maybe we'll even have some tea to drink... I don't know.

You see, you paid for this information before the final solution is ready... pay in payments, and can cancel and re-join when I'll be more authoritative in what I say.

I you have spider mites (only some of you have, thank god) please stop using the previous formulation and get some Neem. How to use it? I really don't know. I have put two pea size on my palm, for now, rubbed it on my privates, and put on top of it the lotion with sugar, lots of it. For now, no itching for the past hour. The neem doesn't kill nymphs, but the sugar does. Why put the Neem there? I am not sure... After all we want to reach the adult spider mites, of which I have, muscle test says, 40 now.

Some are in my female parts...

Because the Neem seems to also work on the ear mites too, the ones on your face, in your nose, under your eye lashes, in your ears, I did the same thing with my face: put some in my palm, undiluted Neem oil from Bulk Apothecary, and used it as a face cream. I didn't dare put it in the eyes area... but all the itching has stopped anywhere else.

I'll put some in my shampoo, or maybe just use it straight as a conditioner on wet hair, my neck, my chin, behind my ears... I'll report on my results.

Alcohol still works on the ear mites.

If you want to quit your membership now... and come back later: this is the time to do it.

4 thoughts on “Bad News”

  1. We’re lucky you’re willing to continue being a guinea pig on all this and save us the agony you’ve been going through. Thank you Sophie.

    BTW, in your research, did you run across anything useful we can use this leftover benzyl benzoate for?

    1. Kathryn, you are not running the same risk, angering the spider mites, because you don’t have any. So you can continue using it in your shampoo, your cat shampoo, your creams… it smells fine, it tastes fine, not like neem… which is soooo bitter… lol.

      Oh, and thank you for your thank you.

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