Experiments with Ginger tea and spider mites

Ginger tea seems to kill spider mite eggs. I said last time: drink one cup a day, but I was wrong. Drink a cup of Ginger tea every three hours. If you got "impregnated" at night... too bad.

The two lines of defense against spider mites:

1. undiluted neem oil everywhere on your skin. Be careful, it stings the eyes, but everywhere else it is safe. "normal" neem oil smells bad, only the BulkApocathery version smells good.

This renders the mail adult spider mite infertile.
It doesn't effect the eggs, it doesn't effect the nympths, it doesn't effect the females.
2. Ginger tea, a whole cup every 3 hours: it kills the spider mite eggs inside you. It seems that the eggs hatch after about 3 hours, so that is the effective window.

The Benzyl Benzoate kills the nymphs, if you catch them. It has to be fresh, smack on the nymphs, so in effect it is useless. I have even stopped slathering myself... it didn't quite do what I wanted it to do, and I still had nymphs escape my panties and develop into full adults.

So, for now, only those two are effective.
I haven't found a way to kill or touch spider mites on the floor yet. If and when I do, I'll let you know.

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