I caught one of these spider mites on my body

My heart almost stopped...

I felt something climbing up my shirt. I have been wearing no bra for the past 10 days or so, and loose shirts so I can catch a critter before it bites... some bites are really nasty and don't want to heal.

So I reached there, and there it was, greenish spider mite, an adult specimen. Of course I had nothing to put it into, so I killed it, but now I am totally restless, it feels like hundreds are crawling on me... the mind is a very interesting equipment.

Part 2: I decided to not let the situation keep me up any longer, I haven't slept much for the past five nights, so mind over matter... I'll sleep.

That was both a big mistake and a big blessing. I did wake up, but by that time I had 10 nymphs bitten me, causing pimple-like phenomenon... now you know where those things come from that look like a pimple, but they are hardened skin. Spider mite bites.

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