The surprising role of the mother in human spider mites

Human spider mites weather the vulnerable egg, nymph, nymph stages inside a human, either in the alimentary canal, i.e. stomach and intestines, or in the vagina.

But... they would never survive without water, without nutrient.

So the female makes a spider coocoon around herself, lays her eggs, and then dies. The offspring feeds on the dead mother until they can feed on you.

So, the mother sacrifices herself for the survival of her seed, for the survival of the species. Every day, every time, no ifs buts about it...

If they heard that I call them human mites, they would spit or at least frown... humans are not willing to sacrifice themselves for their offsprings, even if they say they would... if and when... blah blah blah.

This also means that if you manage to kill the eggs with irrigation, ginger tea, or hot-hot peppers, then you are ahead of the game...

So, don't despair.

Yesterday I had five females lay eggs in me... today, knock on wood, so far none. and it's almost noon.

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