Spider mite solution improved… by a lot

I have been getting feedback, and it wasn't good. The Benzyl Benzoate (BB) was irritating, and not as effective as I hoped it was going to be.

After a dark night, I did some soul searching, and remembered something about sugar being a desiccating agent... meaning it pulls the juices out of living things...

At the risk of sounding fatalist, I think I was allowed (???) to stay infested so I can authentically continue testing... Otherwise I would be like any garden variety scientist: guessing.

So, I cooked up some syrup from regular table sugar and added a bunch to my hand lotion (very thick) that already had BB.

The results are very promising: at this point half of the nymphs die in less than 60 seconds, the rest bumble about for another minute or two. No squashing required.

Muscle test says that the only improvement to this will be when it comes in an insertable format: a suppository.

I actually have used only a very low dose of bb... in 4 oz of hand lotion only 4-5 dropperfuls using the tiny eye droppers from a 1oz dropper bottle... This mix only irritates my eyes area... it is quite mild.

Please test it and send me plenty of feedback.

7 thoughts on “Spider mite solution improved… by a lot”

  1. Relating to: “So, I cooked up some syrup from regular table sugar and added a bunch to my hand lotion (very thick) that already had BB.” – I suppose you applied this new mix (with sugar syrup) to whatever spot that is affected?

    1. I applied it the same way I applied the lotion with BB before: to the entire vaginal-anal area, where the spider mite nymphs come out.

      If you read it carefully, this is not a spot remedy, this is a killing solution… If the mites are allowed to spread to uncovered areas of the body, their cycle isn’t broken, and they will continue to use your body as nursery.

      Matsa, if you are asking questions like this, that give away that you are doing the wrong thing, I’ll have to re-read all my articles and add clarifications…

  2. I did mean the nether, vaginal-anal, area (even though I didn’t say it explicitly) but also wonder if it can work on the other spots of the body/skin – for example: I still have off and on itching in my nostrils, (not every day).
    So far, I understood that it’s from adult mites laying eggs and there’s nothing one can do with it, i.e. nothing kills adults.

    1. I am testing neem oil…it MAY kill adult spider mites.

      Matsa, from now on, never say “mite”, it even confuses muscle testing. Say the full name of the mite.

      I have to do this tongue twister many times a day: are there any spider mite nympths on me… etc. Without the qualifier I get really mixed results… and it also confuses people.

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