Spider mites go on the offensive

One of the dubious benefits of being an empath is that you can observe your enemy deciding to double their efforts to survive through their offspring.

Yesterday I did something (I share what it is in the membership (paid) section of the site), that made a serious dent in the spider mite population that lives in and on me. I mean decimating their population with just one application that I can repeat and repeat until they are all gone... just a bad memory. At least, that is my plan. I knock on wood that this is it... I don't even have energy to laugh, although I slept a full night for the first time in at least a few months, or maybe the second?

Anyway, I woke up without the now familiar and expected back pain. My body felt like someone else's body... interesting feeling.

For a few hours I enjoyed the no itch in the nether regions, no fretting, and then, while I cooked lunch for myself, I noticed an unusual activity on my body. Spider mites and dust mites alike were swarming.

Was it the smell of the cooking turkey legs? Or was it the sudden wide vistas with scarcely any of their own species? We'll find out after some experimenting...

By the way, if you ever wondered why I charge for premium content: I have spent the better of the past five months on experimenting. I have stopped seeing clients, once I got conscious of the mite infestation in and on my body... It is one thing to infect others when you don't know you are doing it, and another if to infect others because you don't care.

So I have cut out a big chunk of my income, while my expenses went up: it is not cheap to experiment.

So, I expect to be paid for my expertise, my troubles, and the information that can save lives by the billions.

Two days ago I started to wonder how much time I have left. I am 67 years old... so how much time I have?

I asked that if I continue doing what I am doing, having what I am having, including attitude, etc. How long till I probably die? I muscle tested six years.

Then I asked if the mites have anything to do with it? The surprising answer was: the mites have everything to do with it.

Near ever disease known to mankind has its roots in some form of parasitic presence in or on the body... I remember when I first read that in Hulda whatever her name is... Now, her solution is so partial, and so ineffective: it is not even funny. But the statement is truer than ever.

So, I am charging for life-saving information. I will probably give it away at some point, given that the number of afflicted rises every day, today it's 30%, tomorrow it may be 50-100%.

And the medical establishment isn't interested in dealing with it: the money is in disease not in eliminating the cause of disease.

From my computer I can see two pigeons grooming themselves: picking bird mites from their feathers. Do I also have bird mites, I wonder?

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