Spider mites… update

Spider mites are crafty, observant, flexible, not like humans.

They observe your habits, your defense mechanisms and adjust their own actions.

They now lay their eggs in me only at night, around midnight, about two hours after I turn the lights off and am in deep sleep mode.

By the time I normally wake up, the eggs would hatch and I would have to deal with the nymphs... so I asked my conscious part to watch out for me and wake me up, as soon as it is good for me, to drink my ginger tea.

It woke me up at 3 am last night. Lo and behold I had three females lay 12 eggs in me. I drank my tea and within minutes the eggs were dead.

You can start asking your conscious part to do the same for you, and when you wake up, do get up and drink your tea.

Even if you drink tea all day, if the eggs are there at night, no amount of tea will help. And the nymphs, I bet, will be all males... and you are screwed.

Also, learning muscle testing is a bright idea. I have a whole course for that. http://www.yourvibration.com/muscletesting

You can do it, and you should do it.

The spider mites are the "real" killers, because the "bites" of the nymphs which cause the cancer cases, or if they are still inside, the cramps, the gas, the nausea.

Get your digestion into order, so you are not constipated, that your stool is not hard... Please.

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