More on spider mites… breakthrough?

I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth. And yet the suffering remains, the bites remain, the nightly intense itching remains.

I woke up a few minutes before 6 this morning to the now familiar itching in my vaginal area. Muscle tested, and there were two nymphs in my vagina, causing intense itching, and 19 unhatched eggs in my anus.

I put DE on myself, but had the presence of mind to muscle test.

Muscle test said: put Boric Acid in capsule and put it in my vagina. I had done that before to success, so I did it. And then started to feel as the eggs in my anus hatched. Can't get a capsule of Boric Acid there in time, so I made myself a sitz bath with a cupful of Boric Acid.

It worked! All nymphs of spider mites killed. There is still one unhatched egg there... due in about 2 hours... I may just put a capsule there... maybe it's perfect timing.

The problem with putting a capsule into the anus is that it causes a reflex of defecating almost instantly... We'll see what happens.

But at least now we know: the Boric Acid is effectively killing the nymphs.

It does nothing to an adult spider mite... but we'll deal with that later.

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