Itch mites – some progress

In the past five weeks I tested six different methods of getting rid of the itch mites.

Some success, but not perfect yet.

Here are my findings:

  1. Itch mites' exosceleton, the rough outside that allows them to create the wounds on you is sensitive to a certain sugar: D-Mannose. It even kills many of the mites, but not all. It depends on the kind of contact with the dissolved sugar.

    I have found that if you dissolve the D-Mannose in water, and spray it or dub it on the skin, contact with an itch mite kills the mite. Fast. A few seconds.

    I have been also testing the D-Mannose internally: using it dissolved in water, tea, juice. The quantity that is definitely effective is about 2-3 tablespoons a day. It doesn't kill the mites, but it removes their hard shell. They will die without the protection.

  2. Diligence in washing the floors and clothes in Borax is very important: itch mites can survive off the body indefinitely. It's best to change your sheet daily, and soak it in Borax water, dry it, and use it again. Same with towels. How much Borax? I use muscle test... it's always a little more than I felt. Regular detergent doesn't kill the mites.

    I am using for D-Mannose, and use the 20 mules brand of Borax that you can find in your grocery store.

Candida overgrowth

This topic doesn't seem to belong to a fighting mites site, but it does.

Candida yeast lowers our immune system, alters our nervous system, our perception, our intellect.

Muscle test says that if you have candida overgrowth then your chances to have mites in and on your body are around 100%. Why? I am not sure, yet, but my hunch is it's a chemistry thing: the Candida makes your ph perfect for mites.

I began to have candida overgrowth when I was 9 years old... probably from sleeping in an unheated bedroom and getting sore throat continuously... treated with antibiotics.

By the time I got around 20, no antibiotic worked on me at all...

I have systemic yeast infection, which means the Candida is everywhere. I have tried everything, but nothing worked as a cure.

I am going to try to take Boric Acid orally... I am a little scared, after all Boric Acid is sold as Roach killer... lol. But if it kills the yeast before it kills me, then I am game.

I muscle tested my life expectancy, and it's six years... unless I get rid of the mites and the yeast as well.

In every single case that I have tested, yeast and mites were the most important factors in the person getting ill.