The fundamental error of human thinking: that things are fixable


If you look, at least half of our time is spent fixing or being part of a "fix".

The problem with fixing is fundamental and it is against Life and it is against Nature.

Nature, Life, never fixes anything, it continues on what is, and it either will live or die. Or it restores... but not fixes...

Nature, Life, doesn't care. Caring is a human error.

Every solution to a problem creates a larger problem.

GMO, genetically modified organisms are, for example, a fix that created bigger and bigger problems.

Even before Monsanto, humans did genetical modifications, interbreeding, and such. Some created big problems, some didn't.

Why is this mad scrambling in humans to fix something, even thought the fix cost more than the error?

You see, there is fixing, as in setting straight something, a computer program, a restoring the mobility of a joint, putting a patch on a tire.

These fixes are much like how nature operates.

And then there is the "creative" fixing, and in that lies the mischief.

The mischief is root level: what we call a mistake, what we call a problem.

Birth defects, old age, most conditions... we could not leave them the f... alone! I am sometimes even noticing it on myself: I can't let go. I latched onto it by saying: it's wrong, and I am hooked, and I am on the leash, and I'll wiggle until I come out on top.

So, what is it that doesn't allow humans to leave Life alone, to again and again force their will against Life, pretending that it is for Life.

Saving the children. Saving the animals. Saving the rain forests. Saving this and saving that.

The human animal that needs pretense to look beyond animal.
The human animal that only cares about power over another, control.

Your relationship to anything serves on thing. Anything you do, anything you think, anything you aspire for is to gain control over Life...

The surest way to misery and the surest way to catastrophe, on the personal, family, group, society, and planetary level.

Because this Will to Power needs to be hidden. Because we, the others, won't allow you... but we are blind, and stupid, and what you are doing plays to our own pretense, so it hand washes hand... and in this global conspiracy to hide that every single person is about Will to Power, happiness suffocates, joy is impossible, health is impossible, life is impossible, a healthy planet is impossible.

So, what is next for the planet? I think the corrosive species of humans will be eliminated... partially of their own activities.

We already see some of how it will happen: 30% of humanity is being eaten alive by mites... and the percentage is growing.

As I have been working on "return to sanity and health" I noticed that unless life style changes, the chances of winning at this game, mites vs. humans is not very likely.

So I am looking at finding ways to return to normal... but it seems that a compromised immune system is compromised and stays that way. I feel like the corn fields that now can't protect themselves, because Monsanto has decided to protect them... to disastrous consequences.

Insects eat the crop just like insects will eat humans... Alive. Unless I find a way...

Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

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