The next big step: doctors’ offices

If you remember, I go to my chiropractor every Tuesday, and then spend 2-3 days getting rid of the mites I pick up there. For me, because I need to test things, this is not a problem... but for all of us, it's a tragedy.

I have looked at my emotional response to the idea of talking to my chiropractor, and I got really scared.

But even beyond that, we don't know yet what a chiropractor, for example, needs to do to make his office not the stock exchange of mites...

I have been seeing that the most important step is neem, which emasculates the males. It is also possible to dust with Boric Acid and Diatomaceous Earth... but it's not enough.

I have been checking my toilet seat before I sit down, and 90% of the time the muscle test says it is not safe... Then I wipe it off with dry tissue, and then it's safe... It's almost like a chiropractor should wipe his tables after every patient...

It's unlikely that they would be willing to limit service to people who are working on getting rid of the mites...

What a mess!

Any ideas? Please comment if you do...

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  1. Hi Sophie,
    Watched a programme recently about a cheese maker and how she watches the mites on the cheese, they live in the mould and help with the maturing process when they get too many and start burrowing into the cheese she invented a method of putting the cheese wheels in a cabinet with a high powered, in effect blow dryer! which blows the mites off the cheese with out having to damaging the cheese! You say you use a dry tissue I am thinking a hair dryer might blow them off the surface more easily ?? Sounds mad I know ? just a thought.

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