The process of elimination

This is a growing post... so please come back and check it from time to time... I am not the type of gal who can do a whole dissertation... bite size pieces is my style... so please bear with me.

One of the problems I see, that people don't know what works, because they don't know what doesn't work.

So in this article I will list a few of the things that I found doing nothing, I mean not a thing or not anything of relevance.

  1. Sulphates, like Epsom Salt: I have tested Epsom Salt. I have put it into my bath water, put it into spray... it did one thing: it made the bites copulate furiously, and the days after the treatment the number of mites exploded.
  2. Borax: I tried internally, tried externally, tried as a powder, tried as a wash... same devastating results as Epsom salt: angry mites furiously mating.
  3. Boric Acid... at best irritates the mites. It did have one beneficial effect... I'll share it later.
  4. TMG... this is betaine, a byproduct of sugar production from sugar beets. It worked, somewhat... but it lead me to a solution that is as good as works...
  5. MSM... a sulfur compound... did not seem to have any effect on the mites, neither internally nor externally.

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