There is an epidemic of biting microscopic mites that live on humans

This site is the result of my five-month struggle with these mites that have robbed me of sleep, of my social life, my peace of mind.

I have, to date, identified four biting insects that we'll fight on this site, insect that attack humans. There are more that attack your pets, but that is not my topic... later I may add it, but not just now.

I have tested tens of solutions suggested by others, and another few that I thought of.

So far, I have gathered a lot of experience, but not real tangible results that would, forever, irreversibly, eradicate the infestation.

That is my goal... Too lofty, I know... It actually causes suffering on one hand, but on the other hand it forces me to continue going deeper and with integrity into the testing.

Wish me luck. Thank you

2 thoughts on “There is an epidemic of biting microscopic mites that live on humans”

  1. Hi Sophia,
    I have mites made home on anal perianal and vulve zone. They bite and live in me residual organic material producing very high itch. Once I’be bothered them with permetrin cream they go on the rest of my body producing itching skin balls. I saw with an USB microscope the ball moving and I register this on a video. I red some of your site but honestly didn’t find an working protocol to eliminate them. In which of your article is the protocol you practice after re infestation?

    1. The protocol that proved most useful was drinking hot pepper or drinking strong ginger tea. But on the long run, cleaning up my diet, removing gluten, and reducing the Candida Albicans made them now not breed in me.

      Have not disappeared, but are much less bothersome.

      There is no chemical solution to this: nothing kills the mite, you can only kill the eggs.

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