There is an epidemic of biting microscopic mites that live on humans

This site is the result of my five-month struggle with these mites that have robbed me of sleep, of my social life, my peace of mind.

I have, to date, identified four biting insects that we'll fight on this site, insect that attack humans. There are more that attack your pets, but that is not my topic... later I may add it, but not just now.

I have tested tens of solutions suggested by others, and another few that I thought of.

So far, I have gathered a lot of experience, but not real tangible results that would, forever, irreversibly, eradicate the infestation.

That is my goal... Too lofty, I know... It actually causes suffering on one hand, but on the other hand it forces me to continue going deeper and with integrity into the testing.

Wish me luck. Thank you

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