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Mites are bugging you? Living and breeding in you?

They rob you of your peace, and can make you sick, even kill you.

These mites are microscopic, and at this time, doctors don't know about them, an no site on the internet has accurate information. I wish they did...

This is a work in progress, every day new and new aspects reveal themselves, so you'll be part of a pioneer group of explorers lead by me, Sophie, the Empath.

Here is the link to paypal, where you can pay to become a member. Eventually the information will be organized into a report... but it takes time... and the information needs to be complete... and it isn't... yet. But we are doing well...

This is why, you'll see if you click through to paypal, at this point you pay a small price, instead of the bigger one... that everyone will pay when the information will be complete. Early adapters pay with their shares, their comments, and some even with testing.

It has, so far, cost me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to test and develop the methods that free you of the mites that feed on you. Several people in different countries work on this with me.

Some of the information we tested, found on other sites, hidden in the mess of confusion, worked on some mites and not on others.

Others, we found, no one could find, because you need an empath to see the invisible.

So the information here is unique, copyrighted, and works.

You want it? Pay for it. You duplicate it and try to sell it as your own? Let the mites eat you alive...

PS: Once you are in, you can have me check you, and give you personal guidance through the comments... you may need it. It's not easy to get rid of these mites...

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