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Why Do You Need Muscle

One of the most useful things when you are working with the invisible, is the tool of accurate muscle testing...

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven

  1. The first problem with muscle testing is that it's not accurate unless you manage to connect to Source (i.e. be outside of your mind and outside of your ego, interest, vanity, looking good, and being right) while you are doing it.It's not easy, and therefore you should not trust your muscle testing, unless you can connect to Source.
  2. Unfortunately, only a few of the people I have taught have actually been able to stay connected and muscle test...They can do one or the other, but not together.So, this morning, I asked Source if there was a way, like a tone, that would instantly disrupt the horizontal... i.e. the ego, etc. and put you into connection, whether you want to or not, though I guess you want to.
  3. The second problem with muscle testing is your intention for getting the information. Your intention needs to be void of idle curiosity, ego, wanting to judge someone, etc.
  4. The third problem is asking the question intelligently. The answer can only be clear when the question is clear, unambiguous, and there is a clear yes/no answer.

I must say that it was a great call yesterday. You were really shining and it was fun to be at the call and very useful.

Thank you, great webinar, just the right amount, feel like I stayed with it and didn't get lost. Honestly, I was nervous and excited. Your openness and honesty bring joy and hope to my day, the way you communicate makes me chuckle, in a fun learning way. Getting the right headphones for next time.
Have a beautiful now.

Hi Sophie,

thank you for the great webinar - it was very informative and encouraging!
I will do my best to catch up with the videos on your site. Please send me the link you mentioned that has more videos and information about source and the tangerine spot.

  1. You will not be able to ask a better question than your intelligence allows you to ask.

    If you have an IQ of 100 or an IQ of 130, your question will be different, and the usefulness of the tool will be vastly different.

  2. And the fourth problem is being able to interpret the answer correctly. A half yes requires you to ask a different question in one instance, meaning that what you are asking came from the mind and not from reality. Being able to ask things differently will also need you to have intelligence and humility.

Obviously I can only teach what is teachable...

so I can teach you how to ask questions, what questions to as. Give you some examples how to change the question when you get a yes/no answer.

I can also give you an audio that automatically connects you, and is portable enough so you can ask questions on the go.

But: you have the intelligence you have and you are stuck with it.

One more thing: if and when you ask a question and you get one answer one minute a different answer the other, you can be sure that the question is asked wrongly.

I first used muscle testing with the Healing Codes to pick which code to use any given day. My answers were like that... yes and then no.

Why? Because the Healing Codes doesn't work, and therefore it doesn't matter what code you use... what doesn't work doesn't work.

This is One Of A Kind Information. You Won't Find This Anywhere Else.

As Your Life Gets More Complicated, and It Is Hard To Know Who To Trust, What To Trust... You Go From Program To Program, Teacher To Teacher, Diet To Diet, Food Fad To Food Fad... Only To Find Out That The Advice Didn't Work For You, Maybe even got you into worse shape than you were before.

When You Know The Truth, You Can Get Guidance For Your Life!

You Can Make Decisions Faster And With More Confidence

If the above describes your experience, you are not alone. Not knowing any better you waste your time, you waste your money, and your waste your precious trust.

What is even worse, people who claim to use muscle testing to determine the truth are as likely to be wrong as if they simply threw up a coin... 50% of the time. That is true for chiropractors, nutritionists, energy practitioners.

I was one of these practitioners, myself, not so long ago... until I accidentally found out why the muscle testing didn't work reliably. I found out what was missing! I added this tiny piece, and voila, the results are consistent and the results have proven that they are accurate.


The Solution: Muscle Testing While Connected To Source... aka The Truth Method

Once you master the Truth Method...

  1. Your muscle testing results will be reliable on your own vibrational level.
  2. You can muscle test for yourself or for others you can physically touch.
  3. You will know what food to eat.
  4. The better questions you can come up with the better results you get. The course teaches how to ask questions... and how to interpret yes/no, weak yes, weak no answers.
  5. You can raise your vibration by skillfully navigating the treacherous waters of emotions. -- Once you can do that, your whole life will change dramatically. You'll be able to live with power and confidence head and shoulders above your old way of being, and even others...
  6. You can pick Bach Flower Remedies for yourself. Or your supplement. Or what you need, exercise, companionship, or to eat something yummy. You'll be able to know ahead of time if you should watch a movie, read a book, or buy a program: personalized, and perfect fit... -- you can't beat that! Think of all the money you'll save! All the trial and error (mostly error!) and uncertainty and confusion, brrrr... who needs that?! Right?<
  7. You can see if you need a chiropractic adjustment, rest, or a massage... or go out with friends, a good movie, a good book... hey, sometimes what you didn't think of is the best medicine! -- Imagine living a life that is perfect every step of the way.

Bottom Line? you will go from an uncertain, hesitating, procrastinating individual to confidence, power and results. ... Or from someone who "knows" and causes more damage than there was before to someone who can take small but effective steps towards any goal.

You can watch the videos, learn the mechanics, practice through the examples of questions answered correctly with muscle testing and life will never be the same for you.


Get all the recordings dripped out for you. Do not move to the next video until you master the principles of the current video. Remember: this is NOT mind knowledge, this is a skill... that needs to be practiced and mastered. You are not allowed to share the videos. They are for your private use. But you can use it to help other people...

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