Measuring spirituality, faith, power…

Of course it is all guessing. The truth, if measured scientifically, will be truth, always. Spirituality, faith, power are all ego-based and ego-influenced distinctions, and ego is only interested in being right... not the truth.

SaLuSa 12-December-2011. - What's the 'real' truth - 2012

The waiting has been long and a measure of your faith and ability to focus on all that is of the Light, because there have been many distractions including those sources that have ...

Negative Frequencies – What Are They - Noise & Vibration Measurement Blog

Thus if all we measure is the sine-wave, we do not know when the wave started and we cannot determine whether it was generated by a vector rotating clockwise or anticlockwise.

Embracing Your Power

It has been scientifically proven that the vibration on the planet is higher now than 20 years ago (yes, there are scientists that actually measure these things).

The Science and Logic Behind Spirituality - Create and Share

How can we measure something that is constantly changing.

Keep on searching... you may not find the truth, but at least it will be interesting. Can spirituality, faith, power be measured?

How Do You Measure Your Vibration?

I was out on the web searching to find out what "other people" teach about measuring your vibration. I had thin pickings, but maybe I asked the wrong question. You be the judge.

The Depths of the mind as well as Soul

They are every single a measure up in vibrations in addition to being you crystal clear from on your own the thinking and views and inner thoughts of cheaper oscillations, you may gain access to the two of these larger ...

The Vibration of Thoughts | Holistic Healing News

Positive thinking is a first step in raising your personal vibration. Scientific studies, and now scientific instruments, are being used to measure the effect of positive and negative thinking with respect to disease. ...

Vibrancy - Maintain or Raise It - Education Line

There are Apple 9L0-009 practice testmany practices to maintain or raise your vibration. Using affirmations and visualizing yourself emanating the frequency you desire to maintain or create. Another practical way to ...

Spiritual Harmonics: Archangel Michael: The Evolution of the Soul ...

As you move into the vibrational patterns of the higher fourth and lower fifth dimensions, your cells, etheric body and auric field will begin an accelerated purification process. This process will facilitate and ultimately ... To assist you in accomplishing this, your Diamond Core God Cell and your personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel contain a full measure of the Twelve Rays of God-Consciousness for this Sub-Universal experience. They were designed so that you would ...

For most people it is not clear that vibration is not an actual physical phenomenon, it is a consciousness, a compatibility phenomenon, and therefor you need consciousness tools to measure it... I am working on a book to teach, it's almost ready... stay tuned. bookmark this page... or better yet, go to my other site, and check out that whole paradigm of vibrations... Be prepared, lots to read!

Muscle Testing in the News…

Hip-joint problems and the healing role physiotherapy plays - Irish Medical Times

Irish Medical Times Hip-joint problems and the healing role physiotherapy plays Irish Medical Times Pain on muscle testing indicates muscle/tendon pathology, while weakness suggests muscle tearing (providing neurological compromise has been ruled out). ...

Treatment restores body's balance -

PennLive.comTreatment restores body's balancePennLive.comHe also is a practitioner of biofield testing (also known as muscle testing) in which “the vitality of the body is assessed by observing reflexive responses when a client is exposed to various ...

Center for Chiropractic & Wellness Releases Podcast on The Benefits of Whole ... - SBWire (press release)

Center for Chiropractic & Wellness Releases Podcast on The Benefits of Whole ...SBWire (press release)Jennifer Greenfield, doctor of chiropractic, specializes in Applied Kinesiology, a system that evaluates the structural, chemical and mental aspects ...

MOTHER LODE - Naturally, everyone's seeking better ...

Muscle testing helps you locate unresolved negatively charged emotional responses. I'm glad I came across the magazine.

Business Notes - Press-Banner

Wayne Hoff and Bonny Doon resident Grace Wilkins will deliver the lecture " Muscle Testing. A Biofeedback System," from 7:30 to 9 pm Wednesday, Sept 21, at Santa Cruz Integrative M...

Food allergies - Simple and effective solutions - The Chillicothe ...

It uses subtle muscle testing to detect bodily stressors such as food allergies.

Cumberland County News Briefs - New hours at Gateway, 'Wilderness ...

Applied Kinesiology is a form of diagnosis using muscle testing as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a body is functioning.

ADDitude § ADHD Forum - Medication to Help Children and Adults ...

Muscle testing can cut to the chase. Find a doctor that uses muscle testing to determine which med and how much will work for your kid.

More muscle testing pictures

I have known muscle testing for 12-13 years now. I have been able to use it as a reliable tool to tell the truth only about six months.

My fault? I don't think so.

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RT @Kilianamalaan: doing muscle testing i've just found i'm intolerant to cocoa, refined sugar, alcohol, coffee, wheat, shellfish, cows milk, maize, quorn. . .


Taking nutritional supplements you buy at the store, without PAK muscle testing them, is as foolish as taking no supplements at all


Handbook of Manual Muscle Testing: This manual gives you the quick reference you need to understand and apply th...

Muscle testing is like a scalpel: in the wrong hand it does more damage than good.

Muscle testing pictures

You can never see enough pictures. Proof: my students are always uncertain.
I guess it is cultural: I was never uncertain.
But when it comes to the truth, muscle testing seems so powerful, and the desire for truth is so strong... understandable

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Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

How to Do muscle Testing, Nutritional muscle Testing, Kinesiology muscle Testing, Manual muscle Testing

I have more pictures from flickr... who guessed so many people take pictures and post them... lol