The Regular Use of Kinesiology Tape | Book Link

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Here is where range of motion testing and manual muscle testing are necessary and there are times when gait assessment is required as well. In this case, the taping technique can be used in conjunction with other kinds of ...

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The Regular Use of Kinesiology Tape | Book Link
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Access Your Intuition – Getting Clear Information On Demand …

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Muscle Testing (also known as kinesiology) is a method of communication with your higher self that is often used by chiropractors or other energy healers to gain information directly from the subconscious on the state of health ...

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Access Your Intuition – Getting Clear Information On Demand ...
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How to do Energetic Testing and Finger Muscle Testing

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How to do Energetic Testing and Finger Muscle Testing . Energetic Testing is like the training wheels for your intuition! It's a simple technique that anyone can do.

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How to do Energetic Testing and Finger Muscle Testing
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PTSD Recovery Tip: Try something you don’t think will work | PTSD …

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So we pose questions to which we gauge my body's response by muscle testing . I hold my arm at a ninety-degree angle to my body.

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PTSD Recovery Tip: Try something you don't think will work | PTSD ...
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Randy Swanston and Scott Paton – Energy Healing Podcast | Health | Allergies | Muscle Testing from Energy Healing Podcast | Health | Allergies | Muscle Testing Price: USD 0.

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Randy Swanston and Scott Paton – Energy Healing Podcast ...
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Avinash was comfortable with using a pendulum and the Chain Method muscle testing . With the working partner's arm stretched out straight in front of him, Avinash was able to calibrate his partner for a YES and NO muscle ..

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Christine Hardy - Bio-Energy Healer & Teacher ~ Creative ways to ...