NAET – Dopamine | Journey with Imaan:

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This is my hunch based on the muscle testing conducted by our NAET practitioner. Also looking at how anxious he can be, alternating with being hyper, spacey and zonked out, I think elevated/ unstable Dopamine level may be ONE of the ...

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NAET - Dopamine | Journey with Imaan:
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Simple Pleasures: Healing

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Dr. Cohl's area of speciality is Applied Kinesiology which is a form of diagnosis using muscle testing to examine how a person's body is functioning.

Simple Pleasures: Healing

Christine Fletcher: Core Running = New Balance

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Following run specific tests , a thorough gait and form analysis, mobility testing , muscle balance assessment and some in depth discussion about my run history, Curb summed up his findings and how we could unleash some ...

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Christine Fletcher: Core Running = New Balance
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Definition of acute neuritis:- Acute neuritis in leprosy is the occurrence within a few days of increase in pain, or tenderness, decrease in voluntary muscle test (VMT) and sensory testing (ST) scores, severely diminished motor ...

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