Jadespring: Low Thyroid and Hashimoto’s

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More and more doctors and health practitioners are using the Zyto which is more accurate than muscle testing and far superior to guessing what might be amiss. Posted by Alexis Rotella at 3:11 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!

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Jadespring: Low Thyroid and Hashimoto's
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DIY Home Made Energy: Muscle Testing with regard to Herbs

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Testing the muscles is all about testing your body's responses when small difficulty is given to the huge muscle tissue one in the time. This screening offers more knowledge about the male body's energy blockages, health ...

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DIY Home Made Energy: Muscle Testing with regard to Herbs
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Organic Veggie Girl » Red Meat? Noooo…. (A Rant)

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So, I went back to that holistic doctor and she did some muscle testing on me. Suffice it is to say, my body was quite clear: it wants red meat again.

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Organic Veggie Girl » Red Meat? Noooo…. (A Rant)
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Any doctor who does any type of sensitive testing, such as Direct Resonance-type muscle testing or Electro-Dermal testing, knows that only the most active/problematic bacteria and body issues will be detectable on these ...

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