Unless you go to the beyond you are still on the horizontal plain, and in the common world


I participated with Landmark Education in all kinds of positions, participant, coach, trainee, leader. After 26 years I quit.

I quit for the same reason I quit Emotions Anonymous, and ACOA, Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I quit because they were stuck. Stuck in the ordinary world. Stuck in the ordinary mindset. The participants, the leaders... they never moved out of the deep misery... so they were going back, year after year, "sharing" the same stories with the exact same words, with the exact same emotions they shared the year before. Continue reading "Unless you go to the beyond you are still on the horizontal plain, and in the common world"

More about flexibility…


Sometimes people get an idea of activating a capacity that is so alien to their culture, it takes a good 5-10 minutes for the history channel, the ancestors backwards, to build.

No one in your ancestry possessed that capacity... so it has been non-existent for you even culturally.

It is so unfamiliar that ego doesn't even know to protest. It is like a way of being that is totally unfamiliar... you can't see other than special people, like kung fu fighters, or shaolin monks to demonstrate it. And, of course, Aikido. I have a book, Aikido in everyday life... illustrates how this principle looks in real life... brilliant.

Flexibility is also the capacity to be able to keep your balance even though the world is pushing you hither and thither... Continue reading "More about flexibility…"

Are you flexible?


Your world view is hidden from your view, hidden from your awareness.

And it is, of course. World view is how the world IS for you, not how it seems.

If you have a fixed world view, than all the King's Horses and All the King's Men Could Not Put a new world view for you... unless you are willing to become flexible.

Cognitive flexibility has been more broadly described as the ability to adjust one's thinking from old situations to new situations as well as the ability to overcome responses or thinking that have become habitual and adapt to new situations. Continue reading "Are you flexible?"

Should I be funny? Should I be kind to get you to do what is in your self interest?


As a "writer" I struggle with one thing: It is hard to be funny in writing. For me.

I can be funny in conversation, but writing is different: I imagine the echo. And imaginary echo doesn't echo, does it? While when I talk to a living breathing human, it is in a particular state of emotions, so I know where I throw my volley... and I know what havoc it wreaks... so it is easy for me. I can shock, I can mortify, I can wake up, I can do a lot of things that make what funny does... make you pay attention by jolting you.

I am in the process of downloading nine seasons of Seinfeld. My teacher says that a lot of his funniness in writing comes from Seinfeld. We shall see. One thing is for sure: Seinfeld, the person, can be funny. Exactly that "jolting you" kind of way.

Muscle test I am funny-ish, 40% on the funny scale. Jerry Seinfeld, on the other hand is 70%. Continue reading "Should I be funny? Should I be kind to get you to do what is in your self interest?"

How do you know if what you are dreaming about you will bring about… or not?


"I have always felt if you know what you're going to do in advance, then you won't do it," he says in the video, promoting his (Frank Gehry) tutorial series for the Masterclass online learning provider. "Your creativity starts with whether you're curious or not."

It says two things...

1. You won't do it, if you built an imaginary future with all its glory in your mind, then your desire number is too high, while your ambition number is too low. Continue reading "How do you know if what you are dreaming about you will bring about… or not?"

The future you create with your words needs you to…


You create your future with your words... spoken or unspoken.

What is a future?

A future is not real... and yet it appears real. There is no past in reality and there is no future. Only the present moment, how things are.

The past lives in your memory, 80% is words, 20% is perception organs information. But even those 20% are "colored" by what you said about it.

I have had quite a few Irish clients who were disciplined by their parents, mostly the mother. It was a ritual. Pull down your pants, fetch the paddle or the ladle or the hairbrush for your mother... lie over her knees, and there you went. You knew what you did that didn't meet your mother's expectations of you.

I was beaten out of anger... and I never knew what I did wrong. Didn't even guess. Continue reading "The future you create with your words needs you to…"

Most of us have two modes when we think about things:


Most of us have two modes when we think about things:

  • 1. the urgent, the right now, the emergency, the having to, needing to, wanting to, and the should. Pay the bill, pick up the kid, what to have for dinner, what am I forgetting?
  • 2. the some day one day future. Retirement. Summer vacation. Getting married. When I have lost all this weight. When I'll have my horse farm. When I have my retirement community that I built and I will be significant, and rich. When I'll be a rock star.

I remember when it was like that for me. And, to be quite hones, it is still work to dislodge myself and think of the in-between.

Without working TOWARDS something, it is natural to fall into the same old, same old, or good enough is good enough. The rut.

I only have to observe myself for a day to see how fast it sets in, and how automatic that is. Continue reading "Most of us have two modes when we think about things:"

What is a soul correction and why should you care?


It seems that the body of a human is a vehicle for two "entities", the Selfish Gene and the soul.

The Selfish Gene... that is only interested in preserving itself... the genetic material, even if and even while the family, the environment, the world is destroyed. Selfish gene is our physical nature, our lower self, and it is not very smart, has no foresight, none of the higher functions a human supposedly has. It has no interest even in the 160 spiritual capacities: in fact it considers them a nuisance, a hindrance. The Selfish gene is a brute.

The uncorrected soul, the soul you are born with, is the soul with an aberration. It has a behavior or a set of behaviors that are slanted towards ego.

The soul's counterpart is the ego, not the Selfish Gene. Continue reading "What is a soul correction and why should you care?"

I woke up unhappy.


I woke up unhappy.

And you know, when you are unhappy all you can see what doesn't work. a d see it as big, monumental, maybe even tragic.

In my dream I attended a seminar. Lots of things were as I remembered: the people, the teacher, the girl sitting next to me. Only I changed. I got dumber, fatter, and with a whole lot less hair. One dude sitting behind me in the class even remarked me. The teacher called on me and shamed me in front of the class.

In one word: it was terrible.

So this is the mood I woke up in, and, of course, carried it into my morning routine. 1 Continue reading "I woke up unhappy."

Most people, you, over time, prove untrustworthy. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, friends, spouses


It is really hard to decide who to trust. Most people, over time, prove untrustworthy. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, friends, spouses.

Oh, and the so-called teachers and gurus.

But Why? It is all because the level of "morality" of homo sapiens is controlled "desire to receive for the self alone" and the "fat dog syndrome".

Desire to receive for the self alone is from the "Selfish Gene"... a theory that explains that the genes only consider the living thing a vehicle to carry around and provide for the survival of that Selfish Gene.

And, because there are billions of genes out there, the genes are only interested in their own survival, not other genes'. And because it is a competitive environment, the Selfish Gene is intent to get its own survival at the expense of others' genes...

That is "desire to receive for the self alone", still the rule of survival in our days and age, not the rule we claim we have, cooperation, co-existence, brotherhood, unity, and many other words we say but not live by. Continue reading "Most people, you, over time, prove untrustworthy. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, friends, spouses"