Where did evolution take a wrong turn? Can we go back and take the right turn?

Lots of questions are coming up... Is it possible to be happy, to have ikigai, purpose, and joy if you live in your imagination?

What is the main difference between animals and homo sapiens?

The only differences I can see are

1. homo sapiens (modern humans) live in the mind... thinking it's reality
2. homo sapiens have conscience
3. homo sapiens live like anything different from what they want is wrong.
4. homo sapiens have usury relationships, win-lose, zero sum.

I have written a lot of articles about living in the mind, and have courses to help you spend at least some of your time outside of the mind that is like a cave...

But I haven't written about conscience. Continue reading "Where did evolution take a wrong turn? Can we go back and take the right turn?"

What you crave is experiences…

This morning I am looking at the tremendous difference between high vibration and low vibration. My head is spinning... wow.

One can say, that vibration is a number that measures how much of reality you see accurately.

  • What you see, of course, depends on what you know, what you can distinguish from everything else... accurately.
  • What you see, of course, depends on where you are when you are looking. How high, and how wide and how deep you look.
  • and what you see, of course depends on what you'll consider as relevant... we'll consider this your grounds of being.
  • and lastly, what you see will depend on your attitude aka what is driving the looking.

All these, of course, are nearly invisible for the looker. the person whose vibration we measure...

I am saying "nearly invisible" because unless you pay attention to what you see, to where you are looking from, to what you consider relevant and to what is your attitude... these factors are unconscious and therefore not seen. Invisible. Continue reading "What you crave is experiences…"

How to fall in love with yourself… the narrow and strait path to happiness

Why? Why would you want to love yourself?

When you love yourself: you love your life. And that is the closest we know to be a happy person.

And you want to be happy, right? It feels like your birthright. Even though I can't specifically point at anyone who is happy... it IS your birthright.

Birthright or not birthright, we all want to be happy... even though no one has been able to explain how to become happy... so it seems that it will remain a desire... never to be fulfilled. Hope and hopeless... or resigned is our dominant state.

The closest experience to happiness is contentment, with life, with yourself.

When you love yourself you love your life... but how can you?

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Why you don’t love yourself

Out of integrity, lying, coveting, envy, vengeance, hate can be compared to indigestion

Lying etc. is like indigestion.

In indigestion you give the body something to eat that the body cannot use as food. Either because it is not really food, or because it is beyond the body's ability to use it all as food.

The body makes you feel discomfort. Surprisingly this discomfort feels a lot like hunger. Exactly the opposite of what would work... I think it is our interpretation of the signal that is at fault. We seem to interpret everything as a signal to eat, to consume, to get more and more and more. Of everything.

And this is where the similarity shines most.

When you lie, betray, cheat, harm, etc. and you know that you do, you need to pile up the sh*t... you need to lie more, betray more, cheat more, harm more.

All in a misdirected effort to get away with it. Continue reading "Why you don’t love yourself"

How accurate is your knowledge? What you read, see, hear, and say…

Most everything you read on the internet, in books, on youtube, is b.s. Not true... a lie, or not the whole truth.

What do I mean by b.s.? I simply mean that they have a low truth value.

They can be a lie... misdirection, misleading, made up... etc. Not necessarily with a malicious intent... the speaker/writer is looking to say what they say in the mind, in memes, in books, in other people speaking, not in reality.

Unless it is your truth, experienced yourself, it is not truth. Truth repeated is a lie... Talking about flying isn't flying. Talking about sex isn't sex. Talking about integrity isn't integrity.

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When Life seems to work against you… or does opposite of what you expected

One of my teachers, via Ayn Rand, has been Aristotle.

He taught me one thing. Most people will not teach you much... they will do one thing and one thing only: alter your foundation.

And with regards to foundation altering: Aristotle's teaching is the most jarring, and the most transformative.

Here is the teaching:

Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think that you are facing a contradiction, check your premises.

If you are doing all the right things and still don't have your results... that is a contradiction. Check your premises. Continue reading "When Life seems to work against you… or does opposite of what you expected"

Your deserving factor, your earning factor… How much do you deserve? How much have you earned? Are you worth a damn?

The 67 steps... does doing the 67 steps make you deserving? And if yes, why and how?

I am listening to step 1 of the 67 steps again. The seventh time? Eighth time? I have lost track.

And as is usual for me, I am seeing something that Tai is not saying, and I kind of have been seeing, but not really. In the corner of my eyes.

Deserving… why do you need to deserve what you want? Why you cannot see value?

I have written a bunch of articles about deserving. For several reasons, the most important is this: deserving is a tricky word... Is it a beingness verb, maybe adjective or is it a true verb, doingness? I hope I can hold your attention through a few articles exploring this ever so important word... Once you get it, you'll know what to do. Because you cannot get what you want without deserving it... And if you do get what you want without deserving, what you wanted will kill you... Sounds like a puzzle... it's a principle.

This article is a year and a half old...

I find myself angry.

On one hand you want. A lot of things.

On the other hand you think it should be handed to you. Because... why? You don't know. But you see other people who have it and surely there is no difference you can see between them and you... and in many ways you seem to yourself better than those people who have what you want. You are nicer, prettier, maybe smarter, and yet... they are getting what you want, not you.

What you don't see: you can't see, what is invisible to you...

It is what is under the hood.

Ultimately, if I compared you to a lion, or maybe even a cat... you would come up short.

For the most part a lion or a cat can see what is important to them. Certainly there are cats that choose the wrong time to cross the street, and get hit by a fast car... but this doesn't happen all that often.

Whereas you can't see all the things you need to see to get what you want.

In fact you see only a tiny fragment of what you need to see. The rest: you fill out with your imagination.

I know you think I am judgmental. This is exactly what I am talking about. You don't know the difference between judgment and assessment... I bet you don't even know the second word...

In life you get what you deserve. Actively deserve. Meaning what you can and do work for... the value you create, in the world.

But because the human world is a lot more complicated than a cat's world, you need to be able to recognize and correctly use, a lot more things than the cat.

You need to be able to recognize...

  • Who is a friend, and who is a foe.
  • What is useful and for what.
  • What works and doesn't.
  • What is valuable for others and what isn't.
  • What other people want... from you.

This last one is very tricky: you think you know. But you are way way off...

Actually, you are way off in every single area of life.

And I am angry.

You say: but somehow you earned a roof over your head and three meals a day! And yes, you have.

Our welfare system has set a rule that even if you provide no, or not much value, you are granted the minimum to survive... They take resources from more deserving people to ensure that you survive...

But that is what you deserve in today's day and age: surviving.

  • The trouble is that you think you should have more.
  • The trouble is that you don't deserve it... because to deserve it you need to be worth a damn.

"To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people."
~ Charles T. Munger

What is between you and being deserving is knowledge. Knowing enough so you can recognize a lot of things and respond to them appropriately.

Most people do it through reading, thinking, observing, evaluating, pondering, discussing... It takes active participation with information for it to turn into knowledge.

Even in just one narrow slice of life... like health.

Or making money...
Or relationship...
Or art...

Generations after generations of people never went beyond dealing and seeing the surface, not even deserving the handouts humane societies give to the less intelligent.

And thousands upon thousands of people milking you for the dollars you have for miracles cures, for miracle courses that will make you smart, pretty, rich.

Few cats would fall for the tricks you fall for.

I say, cats are smarter than most humans today. Smarter as cats... obviously.

I have unsubscribed from thousands of email lists, but not everything: some people email so rarely, I am unsubscribing now.

I got an email for a couple, medical intuitives and distant healers... Canadians.

For a small fortune (for me) you can get "diagnosed" and maybe "distant healed"...

You and these "healers" are the perfect match... you deserve each other.

PS: as I am looking for images for this article I see that everyone talks about an intrinsic value "deserving" when they use the word. But in a world of eight billion people "being deserving" is just the beginning. You have to start creating value in the world... Money, love, friendship, respect, all need to be earned. With you providing something of value to the other. Yeah... bummer, eh?

PPS: Unless you can see value in all three ways, you will never amount to much. You'll be merely surviving, but will not be living. Like a caged cat... some other will provide you with meals and shelter... not you for yourself.

Your success in life is commensurate with your ability to see value. And given the masses of people who don't... given the confusion "they" create, intentionally, seeing value is hard work. To start seeing what you can't see...

Dark Side increases incoherence creating energies

What's preventing your water from getting coherent nowadays?

Dark Side increases incoherence creating energies.

Until a few months ago my Water Energizer Audio needed 26.5 hours to make your water coherent.

    • In my own house I only use the small bottles to charge the water (using entrainment!), the energized bottles of water made the water coherent overnight: in 12 hours.
    • Nowadays the energizing takes 24 hours in my house.

And my clients are not catching up.

At the moment I have three clients emailing me a picture of their water, daily... They all stop the audio at 26.5 hours, even though I tell them: the water isn't coherent... it isn't ready yet. Continue reading "Dark Side increases incoherence creating energies"

Did you get stuck at a 3-year old’s level, and you are still behaving like a 3-year old child

Did you get stuck, ontologically, at a 3-year old's level, and you are still behaving like a 3-year old child

Ontology is being science.

It looks at the grounds of your being. Here are a few examples: "I am an object in the world of objects." "I am not free to be myself!" "There is something wrong and it needs to be fixed!" "Don't tell me what to do!" "I already know!" "It's mine!" "I am a girl" "I am not loved" "Life is dangerous" "I can't count on anyone" "I am worthless"

Your life is built on the grounds of your being... like a house. You don't like your life? Examine your grounds of being: the issue is there. Continue reading "Did you get stuck at a 3-year old’s level, and you are still behaving like a 3-year old child"