You are machine… but not a stupid machine

Transformation is not a walk in the park... Because your machine, as a rule, prevents you from accurately seeing reality

Why? Because the invisible machine causes distortions in your perception of reality. Your machine shapes your interpretations, your meanings, and with your reaction to those, it shapes what other people will do...

This is where we are in the Playground... Continue reading "You are machine… but not a stupid machine"

The invisible phenomenon of the unintegrated self…

This is a philosophical article, but at some point it is practical: it talks to your concerns, so it is worth your reading. This article will be, also, proof that all writing is re-writing. Now that I written the first draft, I can rewrite it, so it can get better... that is how life works.

Fully understanding the philosophical aspects is not a requirement, although it  did me good to write those down.

OK, here is the body of this article: I have come to new insights this morning: the phenomenon of the unintegrated self...

James Allen said in the beginning of the 20th Century:

“Suffering is always the effect of wrong thoughts in some direction. It is an indication that the individual is out of harmony with himself, with the law of his being. The circumstances which a man encounters with suffering are the result of his own mental inharmony. Man has but to right himself to find the universe is righted. Let a man radically alter his thoughts and he will be astonished at a rapid transformation it will effect on the material conditions of his life.” ~ James Allen ~ As a Man Thinketh.

Of course his work and this quote has been used for wrong... to promote the "mind power" movement, that, not accidentally, never distinguished what is mind, and therefore neither did its adherents, Law of Attraction people, T. Harv Eker, and other bs. artists and shysters.

OK, let's start with what is integrated, what is unintegrated, so we can at least hope that we are talking the same language. Continue reading "The invisible phenomenon of the unintegrated self…"

Overwhelm Paralysis, or No matter what I do…

I have been sitting here mired in sadness, despair... the mind feverishly looking for reasons to feel this way.

Evil in the world. Low vibration. No love... but this is true always, so what is special about now that is now miring me... enveloping me, making my stomach tighten, and my heart hurt.

It's 10 o'clock, and the mailman comes at 11 am... I have a package to send out. A student of mine generously decided to buy something from me, instead of the open market. I am grateful, but I am scared.

Am I going to be able to ship it to her?

I finally open my postage software, and find out the postage rules for different size packages. Continue reading "Overwhelm Paralysis, or No matter what I do…"

Entitlement, entitled, deserving… do you get what you deserve?

What is the opposite of entitled?

This question around entitlement is asked on google thousands times a day, and the trend is that this number is growing steadily.

Other words that express this same entitlement are deserve and deserving.

Entitled means: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

Inherently means: in a permanent, essential, or characteristic way... as if it were a Law of Life, or a Natural Law, like gravity.

It is an INHERENTLY alien concept to life and reality. Continue reading "Entitlement, entitled, deserving… do you get what you deserve?"

Why just getting unstuck is not enough?

being-stuckGetting unstuck and moving in the right direction is just a dream for most people.

Most programs deal with only one side of the story: they either help you unstuck (but you'll get stuck again, because there is no path for you), or they help you move (but unless you first unstuck, you may move to unhappiness, unfulfillment, disappointment, instead of a nice place). But what I have never seen is someone who does both, and definitely no one seems to use the energy of what fuels you, your hidden fuel source, a craving, a yearning, to help you get unstuck and help you get moving. Continue reading "Why just getting unstuck is not enough?"

Religion, the law of attraction, positive thinking… and what it is like to be me

I have thousands of audios I can put on my podcast list. Some good, others even better.

This is one of the most profound audios where I dig deep into religion, religious world view, and how it stands in your way to become all you can be.

Worth a thorough listen, even though it doesn't talk much about the hidden dimension of reality, or racket...

Are you tired or are you weak? Revealing the root cause of inaccurate vocabulary…

I am starting to see why my students loved me, rallied for me back in 2012-2013-2014...

It'd been puzzling me... what did I do differently then?

Today I saw it.

I had a private call with a brand new client from Australia, and it was a video call on zoom (don't ask... first time zoom user myself!) so I could see her, and the changes the conversation was creating in her. Continue reading "Are you tired or are you weak? Revealing the root cause of inaccurate vocabulary…"

An interesting recording from 2012… why does your life feel empty?

As I am teaching the invisible dynamics, I go every day and dig up older recordings...

This one is brilliant. It deals with the complaint activated dynamic, called racket. But the racket in this recording is "special"... it points to why your life is so empty, and why, it seems, nothing that you do fills it up with life...

Stairway to heaven or hot air balloon… both can work. You were thinking of a chair lift, weren’t you?

It is, to me, devastating to hear the "bend" of the world to be "against"... and the complete blank when it comes to "for".

This is nothing new. This is the story of humanity: a richness of distinctions what to hate, what to fight, what to be against... and a poverty of colors, distinctions, actions when that fight succeeds.

No one knows. No one is even looking. No one gets that it is more important than air... Continue reading "Stairway to heaven or hot air balloon… both can work. You were thinking of a chair lift, weren’t you?"

You may know the price of everything and the value of nothing

I had a very interesting conversation, in email, with one of my long time students.

It belies one of the fundamental needs of a human: being paid attention to.

You could say: every child is paid attention to, you work for them, you clean them, to feed them, you put them to bed, but being paid attention to is different. It is a need to be personally noticed, considered, and in some way validated... or something breaks inside.

It is hard to estimate how many children suffer from the lack of fulfillment of this need. Continue reading "You may know the price of everything and the value of nothing"