Cynicism, resignation, feeling your feelings… turn your resistance into flow

Somebody said that being in the 900s, I must be in the flow.

I felt that what she meant and what it means are very different.

Most of what is termed “flow” is a feeling that everything is OK… That there is nothing to resist, because god is on your side.

But from that definition to get to flow, the real flow, you first have to make bad feelings wrong.

As if feelings were responsible and at fault…

But feelings are there for a reason, and resisting them is the stupidest thing you can do.

If we looked what prevents you from entering the flow state, I can promise we would find that you don’t want all the feelings, you only want the good ones.

But most, maybe all gold is in the unpleasant feelings.

I finally got response to my private message to the author of the book “Feelings.” Continue reading “Cynicism, resignation, feeling your feelings… turn your resistance into flow”

What DNA capacity does a great detective have? it’s not his IQ…

good detectivesI love to read. My newest favorite writer is Blake Banner, a mystery writer. His books are perfect for one day reading… around 150 pages each.

What I like most about these books, apart from their language which is often delightful, is that the author pits against each other two kinds of detectives, the one who looks at the evidence, and immediately weaves a likely story and then defends it with all their might. And the other who doesn’t make a decision but researches more until he can actually prove it… which is often a lot later.

We see the two archetypes everywhere in the non-detective world: the jumping jack… instant meaning, instant conclusion, instant anger, instant like or dislike… 99% of all humans.

Result: arguments, devastation, wars, divorce, ineffectiveness…

The other has something, that has nothing to do with innate intelligence, or smarts: both detectives are equally smart. Continue reading “What DNA capacity does a great detective have? it’s not his IQ…”

What makes you a slacker?

The smarter you fancy yourself, the stupider your behavior. The big picture of your life…

This article is slightly philosophical, I cycle through many ideas to get to a conclusion that makes a difference. You can jump to the end, to the conclusion, and we’ll know what you are… This article is about you.

Life’s way is to handle one thing at a time… make it work and keep it working. Then, when it’s working reliably, Life will start on the next thing.

Most of Life is continuing… not starting. Or modifying and continuing. Or adding and removing. But continuing… Getting better and better. Growing. Continue reading “What makes you a slacker?”

Stupid is as stupid does… is it good news for you? what does THAT say about you?

stupid as stupid doesYesterday’s “Trapped” article made some splashes and produced some “no echo” dead silence.

It spoke to rule-making, and defined stupid in a new way.

It separated the label “stupid” from the person and placed it on the behavior.

Stupid, as a label on a person, is a future tense “sentence”… sentence as in “the judge sentences you to a lifetime of stupidity”. No appeal… Final decision.

Meaning: no matter what you do, who is doing it is a stupid person, and THEREFORE what you ACTUALLY do cannot produce the result you want.

You don’t need any more proof of language not even approximating reality, that sentence, that meaning is all you need to see that if you are trapped in the customary language, especially your “self-talk”, and take it at face value, you are doomed. Doomed to the attitude of “no matter what I do”… Continue reading “Stupid is as stupid does… is it good news for you? what does THAT say about you?”

How you are trapped… your standards and ideals. Rulemaking… Wanting to succeed every step of the way

Here are a few unexpected ways you keep yourself trapped in your misery:

1. You have a standard for everything.

How it should be, how it should go, what is right and what is wrong behavior, looks, everything.

You apply these standards to measure everything and everyone… and, of course, everything and everyone falls short… including yourself.

Standards are something that you invented, or alternatively bought into. You relate to them as if they were universal and mandatory for everyone…

It is all made up. There are no standards that survive reality: these are all made up reality, not binding to everyone, maybe not even to anyone. Continue reading “How you are trapped… your standards and ideals. Rulemaking… Wanting to succeed every step of the way”

Generators, Manifesting Generators… what is the difference in Human Design?

MY Precious “I” doesn’t like it… I am sure yours doesn’t either…

I remember when I considered being a Generator a slight. Like someone didn’t recognize my creativity, declared me a working bee… I hated it. But…

Years earlier I had the same reaction to finding out that I was a finisher… in the “system” starters vs. finishers, I learned from Alex Mandossian, who was my mentor for a little while… I healed him and he mentored me… Here is a link to an interview that explains


Some insanely creative people are Generators in the Human Design System.

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Pretense… authenticity… the zig-zag path to become yourself

  • don't wish it was easier“Don’t wish it were easier: wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom” said Jim Rohn
  • I want to be loved just the way I am… say most people.
  • You are already perfect…
  • The marriage of these three differing points of view is the state of humanity right now: rampant pretense… and utter misery.

The pretense prevents most everyone from becoming better. From building skills. From attaining wisdom.

The pretense is like a 2 feet by 4 feet jail cell… tight, restrictive, unpleasant. Continue reading “Pretense… authenticity… the zig-zag path to become yourself”

More on the strategies of your Human Design type… so you can start fulfilling your destiny

One of the tricks of gurus and teachers is to be vague. It is that they seem to be vague… per se, by itself… No. They seem to be really clear… while in execution they allow everyone to make up their own interpretation, and thus fail.

Just look at meditation: I am an empath and I watch/feel what people are doing when they are supposedly meditating… Not.

Two kinds of results from followers:

  • some lie and say: they followed the instructions, and hit solid gold. They either followed the instructions or didn’t… If they did hit solid gold, my hunch says they would have hit solid gold without the instructions…
  • The rest: they think they followed their interpretation of the instructions but are afraid to say: it didn’t work… Just like the crowd won’t trust their own eyes to say: the emperor has no clothes.

This is exactly what happens with followers of the modality to live by your design: The Human Design System.

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What’s blocking you from having a fulfilled life?

orphaned fawnDon’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and
do that. Because what the world needs is people who come alive. ~Nelson Mandela

There is a word in Hungarian. It is very expressive, a word I ponder… a lot.

It is “elanyatlanodik”. If I want to translate, so I don’t lose the root, it means becoming a motherless orphan.

The word indicates that a child, at any age, goes through a fundamental loss when they lose the mother.

Half of my students, in some emotional way, lost their mother, the other half would have been better off losing their mother.

What do I mean? Continue reading “What’s blocking you from having a fulfilled life?”

The Hiding Hand Principle or do you see enough reason to change?

which is the right path?I just read a book review by Malcolm Gladwell. I like to read his prose… He is easy to read, his writing has an easy flair, and his topics are interesting.

He writes about a man I have never heard about, Albert O. Hirschman, an economist, who I recognize myself in.

He is everything most people aren’t.

He said that you don’t need creativity unless something gets screwed up, and things don’t go as planned.

That when the going is smooth, no growth, no invention, no evolution happens. Neither personal, nor species evolution. Continue reading “The Hiding Hand Principle or do you see enough reason to change?”