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From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Saturday, June 25, 2022

Introducing the

The Coaching Program

Hello, I am glad you are here... so we can have a little chat...

What is the most important quality that a person who attained a high vibration, a joyful life, or success has brought to his life?

If you guessed hard work, luck, massive action, or any of the usual answers I get, you are close but not close enough.

The most important quality anyone who has ever gotten successful at anything worth being successful at, is consistency.

Consistency is key

When you are consistent, consistency is like the fish for the water, you don't notice it.

Consistency, like joy, only shows up when you don't have it. One day you really notice that you are down and out, and then you remember that you used to do something, but have forgotten to do it for quite a while.

It happens to me a lot. It mostly happens because I lose the context, the why, of the doing. I get distracted by some shiny object, a different concern, and the activity that was keeping me balanced, safe, joyful, and helthy falls by the wayside.

The only areas where I am consistent are the areas where I have a partner and a regularly scheduled checkup.

I have a mastermind partner for my transformation. We talk every Sunday. Before I hooked up with him, I had another partner for 14 years.

We could say that he is an accountability partner, but that would be a lie. Accountability partners are more committed to your success than you are, and therefore finding an accountability partner for the long term is near-impossible: unless someone is committed to their own success, unless they themselves are consistent in that, they will not be able to commit to your success. Why? Because life is about the survival of the fittest, and they are not going to support you to be better than them.

I have had many paid coaches in my life, and I have never had one that worked out.

People, it seems, go into coaching to get off the hook of themselves doing the work they are teaching. I haven't found an exception yet, this is just one of the many ways people take themselves off the hook.

If this is true about coaches in general, then your job finding anyone who will keep you accountable on the long haul is even less likely to succeed.

I am committed to your success more than you are

In my programs, I bring the "I am committed to your success more than you are" element, and if you are committed, then you will succeed.

Small actions performed consistently are more effective than campaigns. Journaling your progress makes the small actions even more effective: you need to bring some awareness to the actions, you need to notice your success or no success, if you want to journal about them.

About 10-20% of my students bring enough commitment to show up in the classes, and about half of them bring the commitment to do the work between classes.

Pitiful? Yes. But if I told you that the average in the self-help, self-growth "industry" is 1 percent or less, then the results my students produce are exceptional.

The difference is me, personally. My commitment to you, and the consistency of that.

And to give you access to me so you can start growing like a weed, under the energy consistency provides, I have decided to create a new program, the Elite Circle Coaching Program... which is also the Activator of the Month program.

The price of the program is &30, less than what you would pay for a 10-minute call with me.

  • Discover and work on your soul correction guided by an empath
  • Go back to the past and change it so your present can autiomatically change to the better
  • Make promises and be held accountable
  • Let me help you get clear on what are your fundamental values so you can start enjoying your life instead of yearning for those values to come to you
  • Let me check your vibration regularly, so you know if you are moving in the right direction
  • Let's make sure you know how to connect to Source
  • Sick? Let me give you some pointers, or energies... whatever you need and fits a coaching call in length of time
  • Learn how to use your activator so it start transforming you, as it was designed
  • Finally a Path To Enlightenment, To Bliss, To Fully Being Yourself
  • Instead of having to move to the Himalayas, become a monk, a nun, torture yourself, or move to an ashram, now you can
  • Use Energies And Your Reticular Activator To Attain Enlightenment


What if you have all the activators that you need? You should join for the coaching, join for the consistency. Besides, there is a good chance, that I will add new activators as new issues become visible. For example, almost everyone would need a "consistency" activator... would you agree?

This is what you can expect...

  • Decades of anguish and anxiety will fall away
  • You'll get acquainted with the joy of being alive
  • You'll have an experience that your life works, you are at the right place at the right time
  • Life will happen effortlessly, with joy, grace and ease
  • You'll be able to enjoy your feelings, good or bad, your body: however it is, your work: whatever it is, your relationship with whoever you have them...

When I started to use the activator, after my coaching session, it started to work for me. Thank you very much

A from the USA

I don't have permission to use her name, sorry

Call schedule: Wednesdays at 4 pm and 7:30 pm EST. The calls are very small, maximum 5 people at a time.

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Please get a headset to be able to participate actively on the call. If you only have a microphone and loud-speaker, buy a headset.

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