Priorities: Your Pathway to Ecstasy

You Can Make Peace With How You "Roll" And Start Living Your Life Your Way, Instead Of The Way You See Others Living It!

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Sunday, July 5, 2020

Priorities: Make your life's centerpiece what's most important to you

If you grew up in a family, if you grew up in a society, most of your life is organized around getting away from something, fixing something about you, about your life, about life.

If I asked you what is it that is most important to you, what it is that if you were lying on your deathbed, you would be most proud that you had, did, or experienced, you have cookie cutter answers, Tree of Knowledge stuff: none of which ever mattered to you.

You see, you are not like everybody else, and pursuing what other people want will leave you empty, unfulfilled, and just plain busy.

You are you, with a unique way of approaching life, approaching relationships, accomplishment, experiences, and apart from a few moments of ecstatic bliss, your life has been probably blah.

Why? Because even in those ecstatic moments, it takes a skilled eye of a sage to distinguish exactly what about those moments was ecstatic, repeatable, and really yours.

Unless you live your life your innate way, your Self's way, life is going to be a disaster, and it has already been that, hasn't it? Why? Because unless you know your Self, you know your Self's priorities, you know your Self's moves, your Self's innate modality, you will never be able to have a life worth writing home about.

Is your ecstasy in the domain of being, doing, or having? They are as different as the world of a fish, a squirrel, and a bird... They are excellent in their own element, and clumsy, clutsy, insufficient in another.

This activator, The "Priorities" activator will help you distinguish your element, and what, in those ecstatic moments was exactly that caused the experience of ecstasy.

Once you can see it, own it, then you can have it anywhere. You'll return yourself to swimming, jumping, or flying... whatever may be the case... return yourself into the element that provides you with the most power you can have.

The purpose of life is living with that ecstasy. The dull survival you've been living is not natural.

Get this activator and start digging. You'll be happy you did.

Sophie Benshitta Maven,, Shortcuts Inc. 4465 E Genesee St #270, De Witt, NY 13214, voice mail: 312-277-6146
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