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Email ‘coaching’ is preferably included in your subscription. What does it entail? It is in essence an accountability relationship: you promise to do a step a day, the way you are asked to do it: not to learn but to wonder. To be impressed. To be surprised. To take you out of you… So YOU can change.

You email me with your promise every day and I hear you. You stop emailing: I know you dropped off… You are accountable… I am only the echo.

Why do you have to pay for THAT? Because I am a strong echo: you’ll hear yourself, your puny, disgusting little self in my echo, without me having to say it.

That’s what you are paying for.

And for occasional replies from me… if the question is intelligent, I’ll answer. Maybe even publicly. If you have a question, it may mean other people have the same question. So I may answer publicly. Here…


How this site works UPDATED

The 67 step coaching… the Reclaim done properly, brings Consciousness to every area of your life. The minimum length is 67 days, the ideal length is 18 months (or more) to allow Consciousness to take over the direction for your life…

You listen to the step in the 67 steps, max one a day.

Your first job is to find the principle or principles in the step.

A principle is portable, it is not valid only in the area Tai talks about, it is valid in every area of life, if it is really a principle. Continue reading “How this site works UPDATED”

I have been in a special place where words are not…

I have been in a special place where words are not…

I remember in Landmark I heard “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”~Wittgenstein

I had no idea what it meant… I felt it. I felt it solemn, I felt it exuberant, I felt it exhilarating, I felt it divine.

And then 20 years passed… lots of talking… words and more words.

And today I was transported back there…

I have been watching a lot of foreign movies, and pondering, almost wordlessly evil… I even wrote an article about it.

And then I found a quote… I followed it down the rabbit hole, listened to a lecture by Abraham Joshua Herschel… and I am in that space… where one must be silent…

Why “must”?
Continue reading “I have been in a special place where words are not…”