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The 67 step coaching… the Reclaim done properly, brings Consciousness to every area of your life. The minimum length is 67 days, the ideal length is 18 months (or more) to allow Consciousness to take over the direction for your life…

You listen to the step in the 67 steps, max one a day.

Your first job is to find the principle or principles in the step.

A principle is portable, it is not valid only in the area Tai talks about, it is valid in every area of life, if it is really a principle.

Second job: ponder the questions Tai asks you to answer.

Third job: keep in mind that this program could be a habit building program. Before you attempt to add a new habit, please discuss it with me. It takes effort and consistency to build a habit… and every time you fail, you build a track record of being a flake! So be mindful of that.

Remember, no actions are required, just looking! This is consciousness training.

You put the principles you found, the questions and the answers in your own coaching thread on this site… and I read it. I probably will ask you to look more, or look deeper. Or comment, or guide, or say whatever I’ll say. The work gets done between you writing coherent thoughts, and my guidance.

Your tendency is to see only what you have always seen… This is your opportunity to see something new.

Your tendency is to re-write, or editorialize the steps. Your job is to learn words, to expand your vocabulary, to step outside your small box, to start growing.

The coach’s job is to make you do things you don’t want to do, so you can get what you want to get.

In this coaching program, what you don’t want to do is looking… You want to do what you have always done. You want to Know what you have always known.

I will suddenly look to you nasty, mean, unloving, not understanding. That is normal and to be expected.

Hang in there…

Alex: Another thing you want to do is say “I don’t have to write it down, I’ll remember”

Don’t write it down? I may even take you out of the coaching program.

Anything that is documented becomes acknowledged, witnessed, and more permanent than things that just happened, no documentation.

One of the purpose of my articles to me is that: documentation.

In wording the “documentation” I get clear, I get present, I get to appreciate what I did, and therefore the action becomes constructive: growing me. Had I not done the documentation there would have been no growth from it.

I am sure you’ll recognize the times you did not document and really promising trends died.

Am I correct?

If you are not a member: this site is for people who have

  1. their attachments removed, including the anchor-to-doom attachment and
  2. Have “seeing the consequences of your action” capacity activated
    Here is the paypal button to pay to have your capacity activated… email me if you want this capacity activated
  3. Have had their Starting Point Measurements for me to see who they are and how they will behave

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