Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is part of your sleep cycles during the night, but when we think of the mechanics of sleep, three letters often come to mind: REM. A staple of 1980s rock music (be honest, we all loved “Losing My Religion”) as well as an oft-quoted sleep standard, REM (or rapid eye movement) sleep has gained a reputation as the highly coveted and difficult to achieve period of sleep that recharges your batteries, stores your memories, and houses your dreams. It’s rare to read an article, how-to, or scientific study that doesn’t mention the many benefits of REM sleep.

But contrary to just about anything you read on sleep science, REM sleep isn’t the be-all and end-all of what happens during the night. There’s another layer of sleep that’s even more crucial to overall health. And it’s aptly named “deep sleep.” Part of the typical sleep cycle each night, deep sleep occurs between light sleep and REM. It serves several functions in the restoration and evolution of your brain. Here are the 5 things you need to know about this precise sleep stage to make sure you’re getting it every night...

  • Deep sleep regenerates energy in the brain.
  • Memories are made during deep sleep.
  • It cleans out your brain.
  • Deep sleep keeps you growing — but decreases as you age.
  • Sounds improve your deep sleep quality

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