Foods That Help You Sleep Better

sleep helpMother Nature also has...Foods That Keep You Up at Night and Foods That Help You Sleep Better

Turns out your mother was right when she told you to drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime. Milk is loaded with the amino acid Tryptophan, which can make you sleepy. But did you know that you can boost milk’s sleep-inducing effects by enjoying some carbohydrates along with it? It's true!

Studies show that when people who have trouble falling asleep add carbohydrates to their bedtime snack, they fall asleep 50% faster! So to ensure a restful night’s sleep, try this delicious Tryptophan and carbohydrate combination.
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This site is about sleeping, or better said, sleeping well, and sleep remedy

This site is about sleeping, or better say, sleeping well, and sleep remedy.

I was born prematurely, into a family that didn't want me. I was a sickly baby. I vomited every night, and probably cried a lot.

I then began wetting my bed, and truthfully I still wetted my bed occasionally until a few years ago.

I was afraid to sleep, I was afraid to sleep deeply. For years I even forced myself to live on three hours of sleep.

My health suffered... until I discovered that I am an empath, and that I can connect to Source.

I started to create energies, first finding something useful and asked Source to duplicate it. The first energy I "created" thus was the Energizer: a strong energy that energizes as soothes water so it becomes silky, sweet, and nurturing.

Then I duplicated energies of certain flowers that Dr. Edward Bach discovered about a hundred years ago in England. I call them Bach Energies. I also added two to his already famous 38... And infused them in water, in sound, and downloaded them directly to people.

The Sleep Remedy, Rescue Your Sleep has these 40 Bach Energies infused in water... Unbeatable, amazing. It works.