These blades crafted in the last century were relied upon to shape the America we thrive in today! They are the metal of a country forged by its spirit and used by its visionaries. Though the machining industry has all but died, a few of these steel remnants remain to remind us of the wheels industry spun to turn out a megatropolis.
Captured within these images are the machine marks evident of the precise manufacturing needed to produce such superior blades as only could be used to cut, shape and mill the Varrazanno Narrows Bridge and many other structures of that era. Gone are the forges that once poured the imagination of these designs into the molten molds of perfection, truly turning iron into gold.
These uniquely designed blades rounded out the builder’s edges to conform to the master’s plan. We have inherited the fruits of their genius!
Fortunately these images have been permanently morphed into ceramic tiles, enabling those collectors who possess a keen sense of form, function and beauty to behold forever! These first images will be tilled and available for accumulation during the first gallery show on or about September 2005.


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