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Be One Of The Few People On The Planet To Have All Second Phase Activators from Me Personally

I Am Going To Have A Live Webinar Series Where I Will Download, One Per Session, All The Second Phase Activators

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let's first clarify: what are activators, what are the phases, and why is this such a great opportunity?

What is an activator:

An activator is a series of affirmations, straight from Source, downloaded to all levels of a human being, by Source. The levels are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the ego, the soul, the history level, and the cellular level.

The activator is downloaded while you are connected to Source. Why? Because being connected with the Tangerine Method of Connecting puts you in a receptive theta state. The deeper your state, the less resistance you will show to the activators.

Why would you resist if the activator is good for you? Because your identity was developed by you to prove that you are a victim, that you are worthless, useless, and unloveable.

Your whole life is based on that identity: and your subconscious doesn't like to accept anything counter to your identity. This is why it is mandatory that you are in deep theta state: in deep theta state Source energy can penetrate the barriers of the subconscious. In other brain states, like when you are not connected, it won't do anything.

Often your conscious mind puts up a resistance, both when it agrees or when it disagrees... The correct state of the conscious mind during an activator download is deep reverie, half asleep half alert, attention kept on the Tangerine Spot.

The other aspects of you don't put up any resistance. Proof to that is that even if your subconscious didn't allow the download, your blood relatives suddenly change: they got the download through your history level. Quite counter-intuitive, isn't it?

What are the phases of the Planetary Ascension?

Currently we are in phase six. Each phase requires a little bit more conscious intention from the person, a higher level of generating their own evolution. You can't start on a high level and expect results. Just like with a building, you need to build a healthy foundations. Lots of "transformational" programs fail because they build on shaky foundation.

The first phase

was planetary, and people didn't need to agree: it downloaded the capacity to connect to Source and to the Original Design. Only the capacity.

The second phase

is all the missing feelings and distinctions that keep us recognizing only a few basic feelings.

When you don't know what being loved feels like, then no matter who loves you and how much, you won't know. If you don't know what being supported feels like, people show up to you as demanding and controlling. If you don't know what generous feels like, you will perceive self-serving self-gratifying, domineering "help" as generous, but the help will be rejected by the recipient and make you an unwelcome companion. And so it goes with the approximately 100 feelings and values in this category.

Why is getting these activators directly from me such a great opportunity? Why can't you just wait until it's all done and then buy the replays?

First off: you can wait. No harm done. But...

When I download an activator to you, sentence by sentence, I can feel (remember, I am an empath!)

  1. whether you are connected
  2. whether you are breathing (blocking your breath blocks the activator)
  3. whether you are allowing the activator to go through

I can bring it to your attention so you can correct it, right then and there!

Which means that you can be 100% certain that you get the maximum benefit from your session, which is not so certain when you are on your own... you may not notice that you are disconnected, that you are thinking about what you hear, or that you are resisting.

This saves you time and guarantees your result. So it's a big opportunity, and also rare: after all after I record the sessions, I will never do them live again.

And in addition to that, the recorded downloads will cost a lot more than the live class. Why? Because by that time I will have a lot more testimonials, and will be able to ask for what they are worth... not just a nominal fee... Got it?

Second Phase Activators Opportunity

As I was rummaging through my computer to find the second phase activator recordings from six-seven months ago, I found that the quality of the early recordings isn't what you would expect to pay for... so,

My Loss, Your Opportunity.

I need to re-record those, so I am offering a live class for the purpose of recording the entire second phase: 70+ activators.

But I am going to charge for the opportunity.

$9.97 a week (three webinars per week, including the replay).

Webinars: Monday, Tuesday and Friday 4 pm EST.

What will happen on the calls? What will you be getting?

This is how it will go: you come to the call. On time! We'll connect to Source togehter. I'll talk about the activator of the day. This in itself is worth coming for: all channeled Tree of Life information, straight from Source.

Then I download the activator. It will sound exactly like the Unconditional Love Activator, you will hear the individual sentences that are downloaded to you on all five levels, including your subconscious.

It is a powerful meditation and a permanent change creator in your subconscious, and on your history level.

Heard enough? Order your seat now

When I began this work 16 months ago, I muscle tested myself for 100 positive feelings and found that I am lacking 70 of the 100 feelings you need to live a great life.

I didn't know what it felt like to be loved, respected, honored. I didn't know what loyalty, dignity, elation felt like... I wasn't impervious to fear, threats, or anxiety, I was jerked around by my dramatic nature... 70 of the 100 capacities and feelings in total.

I created these downloads mainly for myself: so I can finally live a life fit for a human.

The changes I saw in myself were staggering. And then I used the "testers" and downloaded each activator to them, tweaking them as I went along, until the resistance didn't get triggered quite as often.

I saw dramatic changes on them and on their families. And they were permanent.

Some activator downloads have to be repeated quite a few times, using the replays, but eventually the activation crowds out the bad habits, the habitual behaviors, and the new knowledge becomes dominant both in speaking and in actions.

I am offering you participation in the webinars where I download the activators and record them as a product.

Why am I doing this? Because this way they will get done. When I promise something, I will do it. But otherwise I may not. I may change my mind, make changes, find something more urgent or more important to do. But because you will be waiting on the call for your new activator, I'll make sure to get prepared and be there ready to cause miracles to you and to all the people that will later buy those webinar recordings.

So, be my partner in making this to happen so there is less suffering on Earth and more pleasure in your life!

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 4 pm Easter Daylight Time (summer time)

The calls are 15-20 minute long. We can stay on to chat, but the call proper will be short.

You can register in the series (I don't know how long it will be... sorry) and pay $9.97 weekly (that comes to $3 per call!) or pay $147 all at once. All calls are recorded and posted in the membership site a few hours after the call.

Early registration bonus:

If you register before April 14 at 4 pm EDT, I'll throw in a live webinar where I am going to:

  1. train you muscle testing, so you can test the efficacy of the activator for you. Sometimes it is hard to tell if it worked for you or not, if you resisted it or not. In addition, you may have too many counter beliefs so you may need to re-download the activators several times using the replays. I needed to re-download many of the activators to myself before they were active in my life.
  2. establish the baseline with you: which activators you'll need badly, and which one will be nice to have... :-). I'll have a questionnaire for you, and you will muscle test yourself.

This bonus is worth at least $97, and not available anywhere else.

Recorded Course is at Here

You Don't Risk A Single
Thing With My Special Guarantee!

A great offer like this should come with an equally great guarantee.

Here is my guarantee: If after 30 days you don't think this class is worth 10 times what you paid then just send me an email and I'll refund your money immediately. No questions asked.

Bottom line is: you have nothing to lose.

P.S. You can cancel the weekly payments at any time. When you cancel you lose your access to all the previous replays.

P.P.S. You can ask for a full refund within 30 days for the prepaid option. You will also lose access to all the previous replays.

PPPS: Can I just come to a single call? Yes. You can buy a single call, and I'll add you to that webinar as an attendee. The cost is $7 for a single call.

PPPS: Can I just come to the bonus call? Yes. You can buy the bonus call, and attend it. The cost is $97 for the bonus call.


Bonus webinar for muscle training and feelings checking will be held on Saturday April 14 at 4 pm EDT (6 am Tuesday in Australia, 9 pm in the UK.) (If you qualify but can't make the call, you will have access to the replay.)
Schedule about an hour for the bonus webinar, possibly longer.

Regular Activation calls begin on Monday April 16 and will be held every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 4 pm NY time, for about 20 weeks, probably more. All calls are recorded and the replays are available in the membership site, so you can take holidays, etc..

***Payment plan means that if you cancel, you lose your right to the whole series, just like when you buy a car: you can't or won't pay? You need to return the car.

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