You are tired even a good night’s sleep doesn’t help

11 Reasons You Might Be Tired, Even After Sleeping Well

A good night’s sleep is supposed to leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and wide awake. But what if it doesn’t? If you’ve gotten the recommended amount of sleep, it’s extra frustrating to start to feel worn down and exhausted a few hours into the day. Unfortunately, it happens all too often, and the cause isn’t always easy to pinpoint. The reasons you might be tired, even after sleeping well can vary from easily preventable to something more serious that will require some doctor visits. Continue reading “You are tired even a good night’s sleep doesn’t help”

Do Extroverts sleep better?

Are You an Introvert or Extrovert? Science Says One Sleeps Better Than the Other

OK… I am an introvert… And of course, I have an opinion what that means. I am more interested in what I am saying, reading, watching, that what other people are saying about me, reading, watching.

I have a richer inner life… and I am more in touch with my inner landscape.

And, of course, I can get busy with that… while an extrovert, the moment they turn the light off, their inner light turns off: there is nothing there for them… so they sleep. And I am not. Or not fast…

I can entertain myself for hours before I fall asleep. Luckily I work for myself, and don’t have a set time to get up.

But recently I have found that 1. taking Lithium Orotate AND Gotu Kola extract 1-2 hours before sleep time literally stops the inner talking that nothing, not even VALIUM has EVER been able to stop.

But for your entertainment, here is the article I have swiped… on introverts and extroverts.

Within the past few of years, there has been a lot of talk about personality type, specifically the difference between introverts and extroverts. Introverts (like yours truly) tend to be more quiet and shy. They crave alone time in order to “recharge” from daily life. Extroverts, on the other hand, seem to be more naturally outgoing. They’re most comfortable when they’re surrounded by others. Continue reading “Do Extroverts sleep better?”

get More REM Sleep

sleep-cyclesThere are really two types of sleep cycles… and I dare to differ: In my experience, in my practice, what robs you from rest is the lack of deep sleep.

If you fall asleep accidentally, whether it is in your bed, or on the couch, or at your computer, you won’t get deep sleep… even if at some point you go to bed. You blew it.

You need to be really tired to go to deep sleep: the sleep where you go completely unconscious.

Deep sleep is about an hour, hour and a half long. But it is for the physical you.

REM sleep is housecleaning… mental.

Obviously I am neither a biologist, nor a medical doctor… I am just a True Empath… so you don’t have to listen to me. Pick who you listen to.

The truth value of what I just said is 70%, the truth value of the “sleep specialists” is 10%.

Do the math! Continue reading “get More REM Sleep”

The Key to the Kingdom of Sleep

dachshound-sleeping-on-sofaIt’s my foot.
by Amanda Mull

Listen to this article:

In order to fall asleep at night, I must run a gantlet of bedtime rituals. I must be marinating in overnight-skin-care products from head to toe. One (but only one) of my legs must be hooked around the side of my covers, poised to alert me to the presence of monsters. I must be lying on my stomach, with one arm folded under my head between me and my pillow. Not only must the air in the room be frigid, but it must be blowing directly on me. Continue reading “The Key to the Kingdom of Sleep”