The Mechanics of Sleep

Your Access To Controlling Your Life, Your Productivity, Your Mood, Maybe Even Your Chances To Become An Expanding Human Being

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Humans evolved in millions of years to live a certain lifestyle. But in the past 100 years of so, the lifestyle has changed so rapidly, that it is messing with your ability to stay active, productive, curious, courageous...

Your life's rhythm is damaging your life and your brain hormones are so out of balance that you have turned into someone who merely survives life.

The solution is to marry modern life with your ancient designed body, so you can be well...

  • You'll find your taste for life again
  • You'll become smarter
  • You'll become more courageous
  • You'll become more curious
  • You'll love yourself a whole lot more
  • Your results will shoot through the roof
  • Your word, finally, mean something. You'll be able to declare, commit... and become a leader in your own life

You'll be you again...

Read the first few chapters of my book... Just enough for you to implement the changes and understand why I am asking you to make those changes

P.S. No guarantee, no refunds. You'll get the pdf download link in your email, once I manage to upload the half-done book. And you'll get emails when I update the book. You'll never pay a penny more...

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