​67 steps coaching special

​Try before you buy

I bet you'd like to try out if you would enjoy working with you, if you would enjoy doing the steps in the 67 steps coaching, or other of my products.

I am working on the logistics to make it happen on most of my products.

The first trial will be with the coaching program.

You will have to work with me, as a fully paid participant, for a month. The value: $1,000. And if it works out, you'll pay only $15 a week.

If I can't see that I enjoy working with you, I cancel our agreement and refund your trial payment, which is 7 dollars.

You'll have to buy the 67 steps through a special link I'll provide once you paid your $7. The special link will take you to an offer where you can get the $67 program for just $4.95. You'll need to provide me with your receipt to continue the trial coaching. Why am I making you jump hoops? Because how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are not willing, or not able to do what it takes you get what you want, then... you won't get what you want.

Here is the link to pay your $7. I'll send you further instructions in email...

If the button doesn't work... here is the payment link

​​At the end of your trial, you'll be upgraded to the regular program automatically.

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