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NEW! Soul Correction Coaching

Distinguish Your Soul Correction And Develop A Plan To Conquer It

From: Sophie Benshitta Maven
Date: Friday, May 20, 2022

Your soul correction is the biggest challenge in your life. It is mostly invisible to you, it is like a machine that operate your life... you only seem to see the results: the wreckage, the mayhem, the no success, no results, hesitation, no commitment, and the despair of a life not well spent.

Your soul correction is like a machine, and in fact it IS a machine, inexorable, like a tank. Unless and until you take ownership of it, and consider your most important job in life to master its operation, so you can alter what it does and where it takes you and your life.

After you find out what is the "name" of your soul-correction, also known as your soul's purpose, after reading the writeup, you still don't quite know how it applies to you. You will continue living your life as if nothing happened... and it's true, what happens happens only on the level of the conscious mind, and we know that on that level you cannot influence your machine.

The solution is...

Introducing the Soul Correction Coaching

  • First you'll get clear. You'll be able to see all the ways you sabotage yourself, all the ways you have deviated from who you really are.
  • You'll be able to see it through watching and observing other participants confronting their own issues that all come from or colored by their soul correction
  • It is much easier to see what you need to deal with on other people than on yourself, and the insights here will easily get all the way to your subconscious wherein lies all the power
  • You can sign up to have your soul correction discussed, and get personal attention (HOT SEAT)
  • Custom Activator: I can create for you a personal, targeted, in fact: pin-pointed Avatar State audio, to help you tackle the sabotage, the unconscious false belief that is running your life
  • You can come to the sessions and get continuous, timely, personal, and accurate coaching
  • Once you conquered your main issue, you can get to your next one: watch your life losing all the sheckels, all the invisible glass ceilings... both in accomplishment, self-esteem, self-respect, confidence, and well-being.

There is no telling what this un-bound, liberated way you can produce in the world.

Finally there is a foolproof method to gradually climb the Tree of Life, to raise your vibration, and live the life you deserve...

What is for sale? This is a recorded course

This was a workshop type of coaching. That means we met regularly, every first Sunday of the month. The length of each session was anything between an hour or two, depending on the difficulty of the issues arising on the call.

  • You could ask questions, and got answers
  • You learned from the conversatons I had with other participants on the call
  • You could sign up to be the featured soul-correction and get your main issue pinpointed and get an Avatar-State audio (Custom Activator) just for your main issue, like self-control, staying in the present, get out of your mind, stop justifying, and such.


Recorded course, all sessions, a $450 value


Pay all at once, or pay 6 montly payments of $27

Sophie Benshitta Maven, sophie@yourvibration.com,
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