Explanation of the starting point measurements…

This post is quite sloppy... I apologize...

First off: these are starting point measurements, not fixed, not unchangeable. Following the instructions for an Expanding Human Being, one can raise any of these numbers, intellect, vibration, TLB, or cell hydration, or health.

I provide support in all of these.

My recommendation is that you start with your health, namely your cell hydration. You'll be surprised to know that once your cell hydration reaches 30%, you'll be calmer, and a lot smarter.

If and when you manage that, we can talk about other stuff that you can do. Not until then... sorry.

And if you need support, my energy remedies are there, http://energy-remedies.by-sophie.com or you can make them yourself with the infusible audios

  • 1. Vibration is measured on a 1-1000 logarithmic scale and it measures how far up the Tree of Life you have climbed.One could also say that the level you have reached in awareness, accuracy and effectiveness in seeing and dealing with life and your dreams in all areas of life, measurably in health, wealth, love and happiness.
  • 2. Your overall intelligence measures the same thing: after all it is your intelligence that you use in all areas: intellectual, body intelligence, financial intelligence, number..., relationship intelligence, and your ability to align yourself with a path and walk it...70 is average. Mine is 100.It's a weighted average of all intelligences
  • 3. Spiritual capacities: we have hardcoded in the DNA all the capacities the species is capable to master, but we use very few. You use the number I have in your measurements. There are 160 capacities, focus, autonomy, foresight, courage, humility, authenticity, etc.I can't tell you what capacities you have activated, but from emotions I can make guesses what you don't have active.You need to jump into the pool to learn to swim, jump off the cliff to learn to fly... this is the principle of capacities: they don't turn on unless they are needed.
  • 4. Your soul correction follows some archetypes. Your soul correction contains and suggests the capacities and behaviors that can turn your life around and allow to rise on the evolutionary/vibrational scale.
  • 5. Attachments are spiritual and energetic wounds on your energy body where you leak energy. Can come from the outside, or can come from within. I pull the strings or heal the holes... when I am paid to do that.
  • 6. The level of your health is on a scale of 1 to 100.It says how effectively your body is working, turning the food you eat into energy, intelligence, and happiness.The main reason, I found, for deteriorating health is eating food that the body can't recognize as food. And deficiencies is the daily essentials, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.

    Also, many people deal with allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances, gut microbial imbalances.... In my health consultations I endeavor examining all these, and prescribe a diet and lifestyle that is sustainable and optimal for the person.

  • 7. The level of hydration of your cells shows how much of the ideal and original 100% of the workability you are maintaining in your cells.Only water compatible with the cell water is allowed in... coherent water. If you put no coherent water in your body, your cells will eventually dry out... and if some disease doesn't kill you, cell dehydration will. I have the Water Energizer as a solution. https://www.yourvibration.com/energywater/ You may ask for the buying link of the audio...

    I have found that soups, or any water with flavoring, teas, etc. do not hydrate the cells. Why? I don't know.

    I have found that diuretics like alcohol, caffeine, etc. dry out the cells faster, regardless of how much coherent water you drink.

  • 8. Your coachability category:
    wise:--welcomes coaching and feedback, and applies it
    foolish:--deflects coaching and doesn't apply it
    evil:--attacks you when given feedback.
  • 9. The level of discomfort you are willing to allow without the urge and the habit of "fixing" it... dispersing, leaking, it.This is the most revealing of all the measures. If this is high then you can grow, you can learn, you can widen your cone of vision, because you have a bigger tolerance for the discomfort of unknown, of not knowing, of delayed gratification. If it is low... then you are a fixit machine and a cry-baby. Fear dominates your life.You have a lot of getting aware and toughening up to do...

    This is your TLB score, the Twitchy Little Bastard score aka Marshmallow eater

    This is a logarithmic scale... where 2 is 2 times higher than 1, 3 is 2 times higher than 2... etc.

    The higher your score the better off you are, the hardier, the more resilient you are. And the more you can grow.

  • Your vocabulary: this is a number... the number of words you accurately use. If you want to turn it into a percentage, just take a zero off, and add the percent sign.

    So a 200 vocabulary is 20%. 100% would mean: everything you say matches how it is in reality. 20% means that you are off... mistaken, misueducated, misguided 80% of the times

  • How much in a day you think of yourself... instead of being with reality... the lower this number is the happier you are, the better your relationships are, the better your results are.

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