What’s working, what’s not working, what’s missing… what capacity, what beingness is missing?

Want to get smarter? Had enough of scraping the barrel?

Revolutionary Source energy activates the genes that are responsible for making money, being focused, being able to learn, being able to sell... and more.

Sophie Benshitta MavenHello. My name is Sophie Benshitta Maven and I am a true empath... I use Source energies to facilitate changes in humans that turn to me.

Recently I discovered that in a simple process I can activate, turn on dormant genes, that are responsible for capacities and abilities of highly evolved human beings.

160 abilities are embedded in your genes, most people have only 7 abilities active...

New method activates elements of intelligence that have been missing for you. Free webinar. 3 abilities activated at this time...

  • Humility... being able to blank your mind so you can learn
  • Self-trust... self-explanatory
  • Courage... so you can try new things, so you can allow fear to roam while you are doing the thing fear says run from.

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You have to have the gotowebinar app on your phone... If I can't see you, I won't activate abilities for you.