Vibrational Review: Ann Taylor Healer: is she a fraud? The 3-card Monte of Ann Taylor: watch my left while I pick your pocket with my right

ann taylor healer review Ann Taylor healer, founder of Inner Healing, Inc., is an internationally-known energy healer and teacher. Personal Vibration: 250. Truth value of her teaching: 200; clientele: under 100.

Her worldview is faulty, so even if she mixes truth into her fast talk.

Ann Taylor healer, oh my.

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Want More Energy? Want To Get More Out Of Life? Awaken Your Sexuality! Really!

sexual energy I have discovered that sexuality can be awakened by directing Source energy to the sexual organs.

Now, why would I be so excited about that? After all we live in an oversexed society… right?


But the society is oversexed because of manipulation, not because we were “designed” this way!

One of the most important books I have ever read was Michel Foucault’s The History of Sexuality. It is a difficult read, but I was hooked early on: I have a soft spot for sexuality, if you haven’t noticed, lol.

I read only one of the four(?) volumes, volume 2.

In that book he tells the reader how sexuality is being used by the powers that be to play 3-card Monte with humanity. 1

Foucault say that by turning sex into the topic of conversation, people
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