The Law of 33%, and why you resist it? tooth and nail

One of the brilliant ideas from the 67 steps that hardly anyone considers as applying to them is the idea of spending at least one third of their discretionary time 1 in the company of people who are ahead of them. Preferably by 20 years of experience and wisdom and results in a certain area of life.

These people will be able to teach you something, and you will feel small, ignorant, and maybe even worthless.

But you’ll have a chance to learn something useful.

Instead people prefer spending time with ignorant people they can feel smarter than. This is one of the main reasons you can continue feeling a lot more valuable than you actually are. 2

In my article “democratic” says more about this…

One of my students in the 67 steps coaching decided to start listening to me. That was a huge step for him… This happened after a whole year of pretending that he did in fact listen to me.

As a result he observed his environment and found that his boss is one of those 20 years ahead of him guys.

He went and talked to him. Continue reading “The Law of 33%, and why you resist it? tooth and nail”

Is it worth it?

This question, “is it worth it?” can be about doing something… something that is not immediately pleasurable, not immediately profitable. Certain soul corrections consistently answer this question with: “it isn’t worth it.”

But how about buying something? How much should something cost, to reflect its value to you accurately?

On the surface this question sounds so true, so smart, doesn’t it? After all you often have this sneaking suspicion that things are overpriced! WTF, right?

But if you look at value versus price comparisons, you ultimately need to look at through a different question: through whose eyes are you looking?

Let’s look at an example. I hope to shed light to the difference: Continue reading “Is it worth it?”