What does reading your email do to you…

I am working on something important to me. In fact two things I have two things I am working on: what I teach and how to put myself in the position to have more people to teach… These are important things to me.

So I get up, as always, shuffle to my computer, make my first come of tea with hemp and butter, and tackle my students’ emails…

But then I make a mistake. I look at my email from Medium, and I can feel as I am being dragged away from what is important to me. I am not on the strait and narrow… I am on someone else’s agenda.

And although that agenda may be informative, helpful, close to mine… it is still their agenda… and the further I go from what is important to me, the harder it will be to find my way back there.

If you are in the 67 step coaching program, what you said with that, signing up, that what is important to you is becoming all you can be, by doing tiny steps converging in a life worth living.

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Is it worth it?

This question, “is it worth it?” can be about doing something… something that is not immediately pleasurable, not immediately profitable. Certain soulcorrections consistently answer this question with: “it isn’t worth it.”

But how about buying something? How much should something cost, to reflect its value to you accurately?

On the surface this question sounds so true, so smart, doesn’t it? After all you often have this sneaking suspicion that things are overpriced! WTF, right?

But if you look at value versus price comparisons, you ultimately need to look at through a different question: through whose eyes are you looking?

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