Growth, change is an epigenetic shift… The first phase is plugging the leaks

Genetics is hardware. Epigenetics is software. Loosely speaking.

Capacities, in the DNA, can be expressed, switched on or switched off, like a plugin that provides additional functionality in a software.

When you change, you do more than just surface changes: in effect you change how the DNA, capacities, etc. get switched on or switched off… you are creating epigenetic changes. And not just physical, the aspect “science” is talking about, but the whole person. Not just fat/skinny health conscious, life-unconscious aspect… but really the whole intelligent person who you are or… ahem… not.

The first phase of growth is to plug the leaks of energy, life force, glycogen, time, working memory… eliminate the mistakes, sloppiness, etc.

I am currently working on changing my sleep schedule, to get up around five… So that I can get more done before I have to talk to anyone, or have anyone around with strong emotions, hijacking my attention. Continue reading “Growth, change is an epigenetic shift… The first phase is plugging the leaks”

Your life and principles… Ask: To what end? What life you want to have had on your deathbed?

This article is stream of consciousness… I apologize for that.

Principles 1 are tricky. Depending on your level of vibration, on the size of your cone of vision, on the number and size of patterns you can see, you’ll translate the principle down to your size.

A principle says something to me, and another thing to you.

And yet, being guided by principles, your results in life will be happier than if you choose to live your life from vague longings, goals, or following how the ones went before you lived their lives. Continue reading “Your life and principles… Ask: To what end? What life you want to have had on your deathbed?”

The price you pay for being casual and democratic

I have been telling you, telling my students, telling my clients, that you hear what I say… approximately. You follow instructions… approximately. You read… approximately. You keep your diet… approximately. You live… approximately.

You only got up this morning because you didn’t die the night before.

I am re-reading The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. 2600 pages… What can I say, I like long books. lol.

I have started to check every word in the kindle’s built in dictionary some time ago. Maybe a year ago, maybe two. I originally read the Baroque Cycle four years ago.

The book has plenty of words I needed to check. And to my dismay, I found that the first time around I only understood what happened… approximately.

Approximately is missing 90% plus of what you read, and you are left with the inconsequential 10%. The stuff you already knew. The gossipy stuff. The mundane stuff. The stuff that allows you to remain the same, your worldview to remain the same.

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