Dominant belief is found to act like an energetic attachment

fir tree, like an energetic attachment, is growing inside man's lungDominant belief is like the fir tree that was growing in this Russian man’s lung. True story… and a great illustration of what an attachment is and how it debilitates you.

15 years ago I met a guy who was into energies. It all sounded a tall tale to me, somewhat irritating, to tell you the truth. After all I knew everything about everything… and this wasn’t one of the things I had even heard of… energies?

Anyway, I was proven wrong soon, and became a convert.

Energies became very real for me, as physical as dirt and milk and bread… Soon I was training to become an energy practitioner, and I worked on him, on myself, and even traded energy work for massage therapy… Continue reading “Dominant belief is found to act like an energetic attachment”