Process-conscious vs result-conscious… fulfillment every day vs one day someday

I have a brain that is a pattern seeking machine.

A pattern is when something is repeating, form, essence, pitch, sequence, day of the week, month of the year, etc… something that connects seemingly unconnected things together.

Seeing patterns can save lives, and animals living in the wild still have the capacity, but humans living in a comfortable world, have lost it… to their detriment.

Often the activity is called: connecting the dots… Even if Steve Jobs says: it is only possible to connect the dots backwards. He talks about different dots… he talks about the cause and effect type of dots, not the patterns. Continue reading “Process-conscious vs result-conscious… fulfillment every day vs one day someday”

The kindergarten, elementary school of integrity

One of my struggling students sent this to me so that I can share it with you.

I take this concept way beyond this level in my programs… but I can’t build on air…

So if you want to do my courses, and succeed with them, do this first. It’s half hour instruction and weeks of practice… like everything worth having, it takes practice, it is a process, and you cannot jump.

I did everything he suggests about 30 years ago… when I first did the Communication Course…

I paid $530. This is about 30% of that course, and you can get it for free.

I listened to it… and it is valuable. I don’t teach as well as this guy… so I don’t mind that you’ll learn this from him.

Watch the videos. You’ll love them. Continue reading “The kindergarten, elementary school of integrity”