Thou Shall Prosper: Know Yourself aka self-awareness

self-awareness, know yourselfThe Third Commandment: Get to Know Yourself… aka self-awareness

Awareness, and within it self-awareness ranks really high on the list of what are the most predictive capacities for a successful life.

Why? Because unless you interface with reality, with the world, with others, with what there is to do accurately, your actions will be misdirected… your energies are going to be used to fight windmills, and those are not the hallmarks of a successful person… in fact, to be successful, you need to use all you’ve got to live well, act rightly, and think rightly. Continue reading “Thou Shall Prosper: Know Yourself aka self-awareness”

Would asking better questions help you make real money?

Your IQ and your seeing clearly. How much you see and how clearly, how accurately

In an article earlier this week I mention that highly successful people don’t get pulled out of their game as often and as readily as you do.

When we look what is the difference, we find that they have a higher IQ.

IQ is the number that approximate how much you can do with what you have.

With higher IQ they see clearer, they can tell apart different things, they can see narrowly and widely.

You have the IQ you have. You’ve had, most likely, the same IQ since you were born… so your inability to see, to see clearly, to tell different things apart has created a mind full of untruth. Continue reading “Would asking better questions help you make real money?”

The 4 stumbling blocks to Intelligence… the empath’s view

Intelligence is what makes you able to

  • navigate the treacherous world of humans,
  • see things for what they are, be able to
  • compare things even if they aren’t in front of you, and
  • find what is more primary and what is secondary so you can do things in order, and lastly accomplish things.

If we look at it with our strait and narrow method, where intelligence is that narrow body of water separating two lands, then any spot we find on land isn’t intelligence, and any spot we find in water is. 1

Intelligence 2 is a number. Numbers are easy to see, easy to compare. I am not talking about IQ, who knows what “they” are measuring… What I am measuring is the full use of your brain and body to live the good life, health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

The number shows to what degree you can create and live the good life for yourself. And this article will attempt to point to the missing at the root level… so you can start there, instead of where all those books and articles out there tell you to start. So you can succeed.

Here are the four linchpins that unless they are present, your intelligence is lacking… and you won’t live the good life.

Continue reading “The 4 stumbling blocks to Intelligence… the empath’s view”