Biting Microscopic Mites – The Pandora Bug

microscopic biting mitesThis post is a reprint of an article from 2005. I didn’t write it, I found it on the internet. It was the article that woke me up that the misery I was experiencing in my own sleepless nights was not unique to me: it was shared by billions of people who are not as aware as myself, yet they suffer. Continue reading “Biting Microscopic Mites – The Pandora Bug”

Leaky gut… 90% chance you have it… Now, how you feel, will start making sense to you

LeakyGutSymptoms4 Steps to Heal Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease

by Dr Axe

Article truth value: 10%. Why so low: because the author doesn’t know about the fact that all food is toxic to some level to people whose ancestors did not adjust to that food, and develop counter measures.

Also there is a lot of Tree of Knowledge in the suggestions. I’ll add my notes where I can.

Leaky gut syndrome is a rapidly growing condition that millions (about a billion according to my muscle testing) of people are struggling with and don’t know it.

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A typical day of this empath

dna difference between dogsI often find out what I have and what it does, from students, or by accident. Also some of the things are theories until proven by enough empirical data…

How the harmonizer works, really

Some of you may remember that last year I had a section on the blog that said what was the negative emotion, negative energy transmission Dark Side was spewing across the globe.

I was surprised that this year there didn’t seem to be any, until this past Saturday: suddenly deep sadness, a sense of loss, irreversible loss was coming over me… it wasn’t mine. It wasn’t anybody’s, it was a D.S. transmission. It was irresistible, and I spent the day in a funk.

Today the emotion was extreme anguish, fear, trepidation, strong pressure from underarm to underarm: No matter what I do, I can’t stop what’s coming. Phew, real bad. Then I checked and the Harmonizer wasn’t turned on on my computer in the office. I turned it on, and within minutes the feeling became weaker and manageable.
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Correction or fix? When are they the same? or how to become an intelligent consumer?

bandaidI am a people watcher. I watch what they do, I watch the emotions underlying the behavior… the hidden stuff.

Even people whose life philosophy is to help people take missteps into the arena to offering fixes. But for most practitioners it’s a pretense thinly veiling that they are in business to make money…

What is the difference between fixing and correction?

It is not easy to see if something is a fix or if it is a correction.

More Water Energizer Reviews. more are on the way

Awesome, matchless taste! When you drink it, the water slides down the throat easily and leaves a sweetish after-taste in the mouth. And you want more and more of it… My husband tasted it too and said: It’s pure water!

Also, I feel light, tiny tingling along my spine and in the fingertips each time I drink it. I used it for everything: tea, coffee, soup, washing the vegetables, even for rinsing my hair – it gets nice shine.

Did an experiment with a cabbage: I cut slightly its root, put it in a zip-lock bag, poured some of the energized water on it, put it in the fridge and after a while it became more crispy and less stringy…

Great work, teacher!

Thank you,
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