If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, does it mean…

dysfunctional familyI have been working with my core group… and some of them I have had a difficult time to see why they never put out, why they never do what is theirs to do.

This article to unwrap that issue… and look at behavior differently. The student is judgmental… Has high, impossible standards for others… So let’s see what she could do so she could become a productive person, and maybe love herself…

The dysfunctional family

Here are some behaviors that I say come from this kind of upbringing… growing up in a dysfunctional family. Continue reading “If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, does it mean…”

The narrative… the story that creates who you are

The narrative 1

A student of mine, after listening to my last Sunday call recording, asked why Jews turned to a different strategy than the slaves from Africa. Or Native Americans. Continue reading “The narrative… the story that creates who you are”

Reframing: What is your higher power?

Frame: Your higher power? 1

Back in 1988 I had an emotional meltdown. I suddenly remembered things from my childhood.

I was suggested by someone in Landmark that it would be beneficial for me to join an ACOA group. Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I did. I had clear signals that I belonged. #1 of the identifying features of ACOA people is “I don’t know who I am”. 2

Anyway, an ACOA group is not a fun place. Continue reading “Reframing: What is your higher power?”