What are the symptoms of an activated ability, The Sight

It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be worth itHow will you know if the DNA ability of seeing the consequences of your actions, aka The Sight is working for you or not?

I just realized, this very minutes, that the language of the effect of the potential/capacity/ability used is misleading.

When I say: Let’s look: you look with your eyes, even if I tell you to look with your Self… your Consciousness.

When I say: see the consequences of your actions: you’ll try to see something with your eyes, right?

But here is the problem: they eyes are an outward organ, only able to relate to the physical reality, and even in that, only to stuff that can be seen.
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The distinction between behavior and ability… doing and being

self-trustA new student of mine writes:

I think self trust is a big challenge for me, and building self trust is necessary as a foundation before I can trust others and build authentic relationships. I gain self trust by genuinely provide value and service to others. There is no short cut in gaining self trust and trust from others, and I need to build my skills and deliver my value solidly step by step, like building from the ground up to a skyscraper.

In my current choice in career path between the two opportunities, the important thing to consider is not what job it is, but rather which job allows me to use my skills to provide value to others in a solid way. I want to start afresh on a solid ground by being genuine in what I can contribute, and no more pretending that I like it or I am capable of doing the job while I don’t know what exactly I am doing.

I muscle test if he has the ability for self-trust active, and the answer is “no”.

His entire speech is a true reflection of our culture that ignores capacities.

Why? Because we live in a society that denies DNA differences between people, let they’d call you racist… but accepts and validates fight, killing, war, between religious beliefs, between different political parties… what a world we live in.
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What’s the cost of not having the ability of The Sight?

cost-of-coffeeWhat is the real cost of not having The Sight and Appreciation DNA ability?

Now that I have quite a few of you have these new capacities activated, I have an insight into the cost of not having had the DNA ability active before… and to not have it be activated now, when you can.

My conversation with a guy from Holland is a good way to see the cost of not having “The Sight” activated:

He asks a valid question: (If this looks familiar, the first few comments are also in another article… just stay with it, it is worth your time. You’ll see yourself, and that is priceless.)
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Your soul correction points to missing DNA abilities…

steve jobs soulcorrection…or behaviors that ignore capacities, or both.

My soulcorrection is Forget Thyself… arrogance, and already knowing it all… so the biggest missing capacities for this soulcorrection are the sight, seeing the consequences of your actions.

The second ability is consistency: actually remembering that there is a sight, and one must look before one can see… very hard for me to learn and be consistent.

Now, what is the usefulness of a “diagnosis” like that?