Want the good life? Use the Edge effect. Finding your niche where you can win. living life creatively

theodore-roosevelt-quoteYou want the good life… Creating the good life, health, wealth, love and happiness, will require creativity from you… 1

The opposite of creativity is timidness. 2

Creativity is living at risk… Existential courage. 3

You want to color inside the lines… and get the good life. No chance.

Unless you are willing to shuffle and stir things up, you are among the dead, you are among those timid souls that never know defeat, but never know success either.
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For you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…

The second part of the title, “except that not always” is doesn’t apply for at least 10% of you: you won’t even see the difference when I point it out. 1

The most frustrating thing is, that you are sure you are saying or understanding the right words… but you don’t. And you blame it on the speaker saying that what they said doesn’t work.

How do I know?

For most people, who become a student in my programs, this is the first hurdle to pass.

You come into my program with a 300 accurate vocabulary, and you only hear the words you think you know what they mean, but that is not what I said.

I only find out what you heard when you tell me my words back to me… wrong. inaccurate. different words. Different meaning. Or Tai’s words, if you are in the 67 steps coaching… 2 Continue reading “For you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always…”

A day after the election, regardless of who won, your job is to return to what is YOUR job


It was time for self-reflection today. I am almost done with it.

I have come to the conclusion that it is time to pay attention to what I can control, what is within my control, and give little or no attention to what I can’t… where emotions would run high, fear, anger, concern… for me.

I noticed something today about some of the most successful people I know… which might help you…

Can you guess at how they might have responded to the election?
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Intelligence… what is intelligence, and how can you become more intelligent?

dogs-unseen-venn-diagramThe quality of your life depends on your overall intelligence… intellect, body intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, the ability to live a full life, with a range of emotions, and to conquer difficulties, adversities successfully.

You are born with certain DNA defined potentials. No doubt about that. Your ancestry and its habits lead to your DNA being allowing and restrictive, and yet, all human capacities are encoded in your DNA… but what is not needed, what was not needed by your ancestors is dimmed out… “not needed”, Nature decided…
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One big thinking mistake you’ve kept from early childhood, that is holding you back in life

magic-trick-pulling-rabbit-out-of-top-hatWhen you were a little kid, the whole world looked quite magical. Food appeared out of nothing, people did big things, cakes, birthday gifts, all kinds of big things came out of nothing.

The child thinks that this is the nature of reality: big things from nothing.

No wonder the magical thinking modalities, like manifestation and “law of attraction” are so popular: most of you never changed your world view: you still think that the nature of reality is to jump from one state to the other, create something from nothing…

This was also the secret of Sai Baba, whose whole fame and fortune came from his ability to do sleight of hand magic tricks. Millions fell for it.

But this is not how it happens in nature.

Actually change in nature is based on microscopic changes… 90% of them in the invisible domain, below the earth, inside the cells, where you can’t see it, can’t track it.
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I got knocked conscious, I got knocked aware, and it hurts what I saw

I got knocked conscious by the 67 stepsWhen people start working with me, the first thing they learn is that they are not as “good” as they thought. That who they are being is directly responsible for the quality of their lives, not circumstances, not “the other”.

Must sting.

I also have people who only want to chat, and leave the call unscathed… unchanged, and I grieve for them.


Because the first step to getting anywhere in life is to get, exactly, precisely, where you are at.

Without delusion. Without regrets. With sober eyes.

So, today I had a lot of my own medicine: session #3 of the 67 steps: I found out where I stand with Humility.
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Can you learn the skill of negotiation?

negotiating is a skill based on several high vibration capacities

What is the relationship between skills, learning new skills, and capacities?

All my life I have been puzzled why perfectly normal people fail at even understanding concepts from certain things, like distinctions, from communication, negotiation, empathy, caring, team work, leadership, responsibility… I could fill this page with examples.

I have had my own issues. One of them is understanding instructions if there is even just one word in the instructions I am not exactly clear what it means, or what the writer means, I can’t follow the instructions.

This is probably why, last week, I could not make the first computer I bought work: its one-page instructions sheet was written in a language I did not comprehend, and I didn’t trust myself to spend a year or so to learn those concepts so I can have the computer work.

I had to suspect that people I so confidently talk to, have a similar deficiency: they can’t make what I say work for them, because there are holes in the fabric of knowledge.

Then last year I tried to be helpful to a woman in Ireland (I even published our conversation to zero echo from readers!) by teaching her negotiation skills, empathy, looking at things from the other person’s point of view: methods that are obvious and easy for me. I was sure that other readers will love the article… I was wrong.
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There are no aliens. But there are alien-like bugs

crystals that are aliveThis article will make you angry, or scared… And neither being angry, nor being scared is a good sign… they show that you have only a few human capacities active… and I probably can’t help you. Your best choice is to leave… Unsubscribe if you are a subscriber.

OK, here is the article:

There are no aliens.

There are no Aliens. But there are alien-like bugs.

When you search on google for alien bugs, you see bugs like you are used to, legs, eyes, pincers, and then something added… The imagination of graphic artists, movie makers, comic book writers is very limited…

Although there are no aliens, there are children. And children don’t have their moral compass, their reasoning, developed until much later… many years after their computer skills are fully evolved… computer skills used by little amoral alien-like creatures: children. They have their faculties not yet developed, their adult capacities not turned on yet, and they do a lot of things that can destroy their parents, them, or in the worst case destroy the planet.
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What if you only have seven capacities? Or eight… or even nine?

sports don't normally activate any higher capacitiesThe less capacities you have the closer you are to the bottom.

Asking what those capacities are, those seven is a little dumb, but just think about it.

What does everyone who went to school has to have as capacity? Reading, using language, i.e. writing ans speaking, adding numbers, recognizing faces, smells, sounds, telling the time, basic stuff.

You may be able to cook.
You may be able to clean.
You may be able drive…

But they are not capacities: they use capacities, but they are behaviors…

Parents that take their children to play soccer or sports strengthen the base capacities, but don’t add any new capacities.

Intelligent parents enroll their children to extracurricular activities that activate capacities beyond the base capacities.
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Does having more capacities raise your vibration too?

presidential-election-2016Superiority… The word comes up a lot in my coaching. Mostly in the context of your soul correction.

But in reality, some things are superior to other things… because all exists on many scales.

On the DNA capacities “scale” someone with 30 capacities is superior to someone who has 29, 20, 10, 7.

I haven’t found anyone with less than seven capacities, though I am sure there are.

So superior is not the issue. Acting superior is the issue.

It attacks people’s egos, the part of a human that makes sure the person survives. And as in any competition, it can get ugly. 1

People tend to cultivate the capacities that they consider an unfair advantage in the competition for survival.

In politics, it is mostly lying convincingly, trashing the other, promising, and such. In many areas that is physical strength.
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