Does having more capacities raise your vibration too?

presidential-election-2016Superiority… The word comes up a lot in my coaching. Mostly in the context of your soul correction.

But in reality, some things are superior to other things… because all exists on many scales.

On the DNA capacities “scale” someone with 30 capacities is superior to someone who has 29, 20, 10, 7.

I haven’t found anyone with less than seven capacities, though I am sure there are.

So superior is not the issue. Acting superior is the issue.

It attacks people’s egos, the part of a human that makes sure the person survives. And as in any competition, it can get ugly. 1

People tend to cultivate the capacities that they consider an unfair advantage in the competition for survival.

In politics, it is mostly lying convincingly, trashing the other, promising, and such. In many areas that is physical strength.
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The Dark Side suggestion that love heals the world

the illusion that love heals the worldThere are many approaches to fix a problem, but all fixes are more harmful than the original problem.

Why? Because fix come from the same level of consciousness as the problem… and ultimately that kind of solution: a fix, is the root of the next problem. Like marriage: a fix for loneliness, and the start of more and bigger problems… yet it doesn’t stop loneliness… (Marriage is two people combining efforts to solve problems that would not exist without the marriage…)

Instead of dealing with what frightens you today, what you want to get rid of so you can live your puny little life, let’s go back to a time and situation where you weren’t even born, and it probably didn’t effect you much.


You look at it and you can’t imagine why I would bring it up… that signals a lack of ability to see under the hood…

The time we’ll go back to examine is the rise of the Third Reich… Hitler’s Nazi Germany.
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DNA capacities… how many should you get activated?

will you fall or will you fly?This question is coming up with increasing frequency.

You should ONLY activate a capacity if and when you need it, when you have a use for it, and it’s missing. Otherwise you won’t know what to do with it, and won’t use it.

Ego will declare it a ballast… and turn it off.

What is the most important ingredient that you need to grow and need new capacities turned on?

It’s ambition.

Ambition is an inner force that propels you towards growth, upwards, onwards. It only has direction, and not a goal. If you have a goal, it is not ambition, it is desire… aka greed. All ego. Wanting to have.
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Can you feel energy? I mean you, personally… Different energies?

benders bend energies... in a certain spectrum. avatars bend all the spectrumsWhen I put the word “energy” into the search box on google, most listings are about electricity, and the rest are about woo woo sites.

People still don’t understand energy. Why? Because our receptors for energy are not differentiated enough, and not connected to the conscious mind enough for us to have more words… and without words there is no understanding. 1

I have always been weather sensitive. You know those insufferable people that know what weather is coming, where the wind is coming from, the pressure and the magnetism, and don’t stop talking about it.

I didn’t talk about it, but that’s it. The rest has always been true to me. I’ve felt it, I’ve known it. Insufferable for myself… lol.

And I paid attention, so I wasn’t merely an “I am suffering” type of insufferable, suffering from the bad feelings that others could not believe I was feeling.

If I can feel it, you can feel it, but you have no distinctions, the building blocks of perceived reality, and I do.
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How and why what we do here is the perfect antidote to what ISIS is trying to do?

theres-a-convincing-theory-that-goliath-not-david-was-actually-the-underdogHow and why what we do here is the perfect antidote to what ISIS is trying to do? 1

I’ve read half of an online article on ISIS, a really long article. Being dyslexic, I could not read it online… I have copied it and republished it for you.

Anyway, my sense of ISIS, having read the article, is that they believe in perfection, they believe their prophet, they believe in the righteousness of their path.

And this is what they are doing: it seems that the prophet predicted the Apocalypse… what else is new. But this one is with a twist: this one you’ll cause… it is your job as a good follower. Cause it.

The strategy is to cause mayhem and havoc. The weaklings, not fortified by the prophet and the only god, will annihilate themselves.

And, if you look, it is happening. What is going on now is testing.
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Human DNA, DNA upgrade… did you get it? Did you want to get it? What the heck is DNA upgrade?

dna upgradeFor most of my life I knew I could not care, but no matter how bad it felt, I still could not care. I thought I was the worst person alive, a bad bad bad person. I was sure everybody else could care, only I could not.

I didn’t know, that caring was not part of my DNA. But as I was raising my vibration, at some point I experienced caring, in a way I invented caring. Maybe I wasn’t the first person to care, but I was now part of a very small minority, the people who can care, who can love, who can respect. But I still didn’t know I was different… I thought I just became like everyone else, finally.

For the past 10 years I was trying to teach, train, people to be great, successful, expanding, happy… until I realized that they lacked capacities. Then I tried to activate those missing capacities… but you can’t activate that which you don’t have, doesn’t matter how hard you try. And I tried really hard.
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What are the 13 new capacities that were included in the DNA Upgrade of September 4?

dna capacities turned on make your dna look like a christmas tree lit up

I wrote this article two years ago, in 2013. Today I use different words to express what I did then. I say, today, that capacities inherent in human DNA were activated… instead of added.

But other than that… this article is as good as new… With, or course the major difference, of publicly activating capacities and seeing if they are taken or not, if they are resisted and how.

In the two years or so before the DNA upgrade of September 4, 2013, my job was to coach people in activating their human being capacities, raise their vibration, access their soul’s guidance, and connect to Source.

In hindsight, I’d signed up to do failed experiments so Source can learn humans and the human condition intimately.

In the first phase, it became clear that you cannot activate capacities in people that are unconscious and are driven by dark desires, greed, and lust.

In the second phase it became clear that even with individual activation something was amiss: humans are not even able to see that they are a result of co-creation, and they cannot just hold out their hands and get what they think they need and want.

In the third phase I worked out methods that could work if humans had some missing capacities added to their DNA.
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Meditation: What is it and why is it useful?


I wrote this article a year and a half ago. I never published it, but I will, now. Why? Because I have a lot more insight about meditation I can share, and because I offered a famous marketer to teach him meditation, and he hasn’t even bothered to answer my email.

I write many of my articles as a way to poke the Universe for answers, as a way to force my intelligence into gear.

What is meditation and what is the role of meditation?

Quoting from Wikipedia: Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or as an end in itself

I will examine this question as a non-meditator who has tried to meditate and failed.

I am not against meditation. Meditation as a tool, to allow all knowledge to reach you, past the noise of all there is, distinguished as knowledge beyond your own, is invaluable.

I have been quasi meditating the past day or so… the questions I am meditating over are

1. whether God is a sentient being
2. whether the “law” of attraction, the law that says that you can earn something coming to you
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Why isn’t your life changing, in spite of all the stuff you do to change it? Witnessing to the rescue

happening vs occurrence: the importance of witnessing I have written articles about witnessing, but this is a new (to me) aspect of it, and I consider it my duty to share it.

Why? Because of all the people that I know, only a tiny fragment of them has the habit of witnessing.

What is the principle?

Without witnessing nothing happens.

And I might add, nothing intended happens. Nothing new… Now, is this a rule? Is this really a happening phenomenon? 1 No, it is more in the domain of occurring.

Given that your life’s experience (and your actions) are consistent with the occurring world, even if something happened, it would not make much of a difference for you.

What is the occurring world?

Occurring world is an expression that includes that we have no direct relationship with reality since the introduction and subsequent dominance of the mind.

When you look at a flower, you don’t experience the flower, there is a buffer between you and the flower made by words, made by recognition.

Anything that you don’t recognize doesn’t exist in reality for you.

the water... ripples but no Santa Maria occurring The famous example from the movie “What the bleep do we know?” when the first Spanish ships arrived to the coast of what we now call America, the natives could not see them. They saw the ripples in the water, but they could not see ships. They hadn’t seen sails, or anything on the water the size of a Santa Maria.

By the time they realized that people were embarking into row-boats, it was too late to put up a really big defense.

I have arguments with really knowledgeable people about water. The more they “know” the less they can see what’s in front of them as real. People experience the taste change of the Energy Water, but their mind can’t wrap their minds around it, so they need to deny it.
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Activator Downloads… Activate The Original Design’s Circuits, The Divine Blueprint

circuits activated light up I saw another episode of Star Trek last night. The issue was if Lt. Data, an android, had the right for self-determination, or free will, like a human being. In the trial, the prosecutor studied Lt. Data’s design, and circuits, and to demonstrate that Lt. Data was a machine, he turned him off. It was like he killed Data, heart wrenching.

It occurred to me that human being is a superior machine, but its superiority depends on the number of active circuits…

Mr. Data illustrate that to have respect, self-respect, to honor, to be honest, to be courageous, and the list of these characteristics and abilities is long, is either active in a human being or not. But… it is there by design and the circuit can be activated.

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